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L'Elizabeth's in Providence

What is the deal with L'Elizabeth's in Providence? My husband and I went there for a (small) slice of pumpkin cheesecake and one cup of decaf cappuccino, which tasted like it was from a General Foods International mix. Prices were not listed on the menu, and it's ultimately our fault for not inquiring, but the bill was $12.50 for the slice of cake and $7 for the cappuccino! We were horrified. Does anyone know how they get away with this?

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  1. To afford a lease in that area when you are an after-dinner drink and dessert place, I suppose they do have to charge those prices. I had the same experience ($15 martini) 4 years ago and haven't been back.

    1. Yeah, they're nuts, I haven't been back in years. Nondescript wine too.

      1. I agree with the above. my only question is who frequents the place to keep it in business. I have been twice in the past 4-5 years and felt the same way as the OP both times.

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          Good question, the couple of times I've been in it's been empty (and they don't even seem especially happy to see customers walk through the door, you'd think they'd turn cartwheels).

        2. Don't get me started on L'Elizabeths. We went there a couple of years ago (party of 6) for drinks and few desserts... our bill was over $100! More recently, my husband and I went there for a cup of tea... our bill was $14. The owner's son who runs the place is an actor, I believe on Brotherhood, so he splits his time between the East Coast and West Coast. I don't think he is entirely focused on L'Elizabeth. It is unfortuante because it could be one of the best places in Providence.

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            Agree it has tons of potential. Friends of mine went in, two couples, right before closing. When they got the bill it had 8 drinks listed, not 4. When they pointed out the "error" they got an argument, and an insistence that they had had 2 rounds. They said (angrily) "how can that be? You put our drinks down and announced it was closing time!" Ooops, sorry, here's your corrected bill.

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              Anyone know if this is the same L'Elizabeth's that was in Newport about 15 or 20 years ago? If so, they are on the same trajectory.

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                I don't believe so - that place is still open on Thames. Serves dinner for 2 only? She has only one or 2 entrees a night, something like that? I've always wondered if it was good or not....she posts flyers outside w/outrageous claims like The Best Food In The Entire World. OK, I made that one up, but similar stuff. You can't help but be intrigued.

          2. Basically the same situation here. My dining partner and I stopped in for after-dinner coffee (we ate Asian and they served tea only). Thank heavens we didn't have a second round. Two specialty coffees - $24.00. To say we were a bit surprised is an understatement. I hadn't been there in many, many years and probably won't be going back. The coffee+tip cost more than our dinner!

            1. I was there with my husband and a friend a few days ago (3 drinks, two pieces of cake and a cup of tea=91 dollars). We were stunned. The prices are not on the menu. And being honest, I don't think it is a matter of having to pay a high rent. Many other restaurants in the same area are not that expensive. For that price you can get much better drinks and desserts in other restaurants in Providence. It's a SCAM, I don't understand how they can get away with that either.

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                WHAT??? $91??? And no, of course it's not the rents....if that was the case, everyone should be charging those prices. It'd be fun to start having chowhounds stop in when they're in the neighborhood, but ask prices before they order....and then laugh and walk out.

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                  I did just that (but it was about 6 years ago).

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                    I love reading on here these comments are priceless.

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                      A might bit meanspirited of you Chef Terranova considering the caliber of your segment on television is amateurish at best. I wouldn't laugh too hard at others foibles. Possibly a suggestion from you to Ruth might enlighten the lady of her shortcomings.

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                        A suggestion to Ruth may enlighten the lady???

                        A friend of mine, who was once a very good customer of L'Elizabeth's, and considered himself a friend of the owner Ruth (which is how I became acquainted with her), did indeed make a suggestion to her last summer about how the place "has changed direction" since her son took over a few years ago, and how customers were not enjoying it.

                        Let me assure you, she didn't take too kindly to the suggestion (defended her son the the N-th degree) and told him never to go back to the establishment. She's well aware of the place going down (that's obvious), but doesn't want to be reminded.

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                          I thought I'd bump this back up. Has anyone been recently?

              2. My girlfriend and I stopped at L'Elizabeth's for coffee and a dessert after a Waterfire. The desert special was Peaches and Cream. After starting to eat it, we discovered a fruit sticker in the dessert. We advised the waitress and she took away. After getting the bill for $38.00, which seemed outrageous, I went to the counter and advised the young lady that I would not be paying for the dessert that had a foreign object in it. Her response was there was nothing she could do and she threatened to call the police on us. The manager did credit us the dessert, but needless to say, we will take our future business elsewhere and would advise anybody to stay away from this establishment.

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                  These stories are classic. Call the police? Seriously?

                2. I agree with most of the assessments on both prices and service being poor. My fiance and I dropped in one night recently after dinner elsewhere and had one glass of wine and one Baileys' on the Rocks. The bill came to $38!!!! I used to love L'Elizabeth's, but we will find another cozy place to have a nightcap from now on!

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                    Holy crap !!! This place is still in business?

                    Obviously this thread was from 2008 originally and they sucked back then, I can’t believe they are able to keep the lights on with their act……….

                    Very average food and drinks with extraordinary prices and subpar service………feels very NYC to me ….. ;-)

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                      Well, it probably is cheaper and easier than going to NYC for the same treatment. Quicker, too.

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                        Jury is out on cheaper ... And easier? Would rather find another local place that has a similarly cozy atmosphere. Does anyone have any suggestions for a snug, inviting place to enjoy a reasonably-priced nightcap and dessert in the Providence area? It can't be that L'Elizabeth's has the monopoly on cozy!

                        1. re: Lisabetta

                          Try Duck and Bunny on Wickenden Street.

                          1. re: Jenkins

                            Was going to make the same exact suggestion. Duck & Bunny is a gem!

                            I also can't believe L'Elizabeth is still open. I imagine that they are milking the out-of-town Waterfire crowd who are otherwise one-time customers.

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                              Having not been myself in ages, I can't comment, but I do know people somewhat loyal to it, more for atmosphere and people watching than anything else...

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                                The reviews for this place on the internet (trip adviser, yelp, yahoo, google) are mind boggling and entertaining. You wonder how in the world this place stays open. It must be a write off for some trust-fund baby.

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                              THANKS SO MUCH for the reco on Duck and Bunny!! Duck is cute and cozy (though completely different atmosphere than L'E's, the staff is wonderful (also completely different than L'E's!), and their cupcakes YUMMY! We've been three times already and brought people with us twice. On one occasion with friends had two glasses of wine, 4 cupcakes, and a bottle of Prosecco (Cupcake, of course!), and it was almost half the price of two after-dinner drinks and a slice of Sir Thomas cake. Bye bye L'Elizabeth's!