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Feb 2, 2008 05:43 PM

lulu b's:vietnamese sandwiches/snacks in 78704!

i just got back to austin after a month of travels, and to my great excitement, i noticed that there's a new food trailer in 78704 -- that sells vietnamese sandwiches, drinks and snacks! (on s. lamar, just south of the office depot on s. lamar and oltorf, on the same side of the street as the OD)

since i moved here 3 and a half years ago (from ny), i've lived in this neighborhood, and while my attitude toward tacos is one of reverence, i sometimes get a craving for something else. one of my favorite snacks/small meals is the vietnamese summer roll -- 'goi cuon' -- refreshing and cheap, and satisfying. when i was working up north i was close to asian food of all sorts, but i am now working downtown, so i don't venture too far north anymore, especially on weekends. thus, i was especially excited to find out that this new trailer (it's been open about a month) is selling fresh summer rolls($3), vietnamese sandwiches (including several veggie versions, such as lemongrass tofu - $4), vermicelli bowls ($5.75), bubble tea($3), and hot or iced vietnamese coffee(the ultimate way to satisfy my sweet tooth and caffeine craving simultaneously, $2.50). when i biked by today, they were closing up shop, so i grabbed a menu and found out the hours: tues-sat 11-6.

can't wait to taste lulu b's creations! i will definitely venture there next saturday and report back here.

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  1. This sounds great.
    I wish there were trailers of more foods than just Mexican, street food rules.

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    1. re: chucklesmcfarland

      i was very pleased with my experience here. the two sisters who run it together (with their mom) are very sweet. i was having a hard time deciding between the summer rolls & the vietnamese sandwiches, and since the sandwiches are their specialty, i decided to go for one of those; having noticed my difficulty in deciding, they surprised me with a set of summer rolls too! (one avocado, one avocado & shrimp.) i thought the sandwich (i tried the lemongrass chicken) was very tasty -- the meat was flavorful, the pickles veggies were tangy, cilantro and jalapeños gave my mouth something extra to be happy about, and the bread was perfectly crusty/soft, and it was just the right size; of course, i couldn't help but devouring the summer rolls as well. my only complaint is that there weren't enough (if any) fresh herbs in the rolls -- but that may just reflect my somewhat fanatical obsession with mint/cilantro...
      the vietnamese iced coffee was perfect, too.
      it's nice that they're using recyclable (compostable) packaging/plates. though signs encourage you to bring your own bag if you're getting takeout.. i would definitely go back; in fact, it will probably become a saturday ritual (especially if they extend their hours past 6, which it seems they are going to do!)

      1. re: reina_de_fideo

        I went there for lunch today. I had the grilled pork sandwhich. The bread is some of the best I've had in a long time. Tasted like real french bread. There was a little wait and they gave me 2 summer rolls when I ordered just one. It was avocado and delicious. Great food,great value. Although my experience with Vietnamese food is very limited the food was top notch.

        1. re: crippstom

          My sandwich was served on a wheat hoagie roll from HEB? I had high hopes after reading this thread, but the sandwiches we received there this weekend (after waiting for 30 minutes) while tasty, were not authentic Bahn Mi.

          I will give them another shot, but our first experience was disappointing.

          1. re: jscro626

            I kind of agree with this reply. the banh mi were tasty, but not authentic at all. i had the lemongrass tofu version. to me it almost seemed like it had a californian-influence or something. then came to find out that the cook is a transplant from California. funny... ;)

            i didn't get a wheat hoagie roll from HEB though. the french roll i got was actually QUITE tasty--one of the best breads in town for banh mi... (not better than thanh nhi or pho van though)

            gotta say though, it's definitely the BEST Vietnamese sandwich you're gonna get on this side of town. and although $4 is more expensive than what a banh mi usually costs, i think it's definitely worth paying that extra couple of dollars rather than driving into north austin (if you live down south that is)...

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        78704 is a zip code south of the river in the central part of Austin. Lulu B's Vietnamese Restaurant is in that zip code. People that live there just love it - you'll see bumper stickers that say "78704, it's not just a zip code, but a way of life."

        I live in another zip code in "New South Austin," which is Burnet Road b/w 45th and Koenig. Our motto is "78756 - it's just a zip code!"

        1. re: rudeboy

          Yeah, we went to Pacha's Coffee House looking for Bolivian saltenas, but some lady stopped making them. We were bummed.

      2. My sister and I ate here yesterday and thought it was great! We each had the chinese bbq pork sandwich, and split an order of the shrimp spring rolls. The sandwich was on crusty french bread, and we also loved the heat of the jalapenos on the sandwich. We're both usually big fans of peanut sauce with our rolls, but found their fish sauce better and fresher than most. We were both pleased by the freshness of the ingredients, and love having a new option within walking distance of our homes. I would recommend this place to anyone.

        1. We went to Lula B's last Thurs. for lunch. We had Chinese BBQ, Chicken Lemon Grass sandwiches, Pork lemon grass and shrimp and pork spring rolls. EXCELLENT! And really nice folks too. Shelbyk said it all.

          1. I have to say I love this little place. It is clean, the service is super cordial and they serve great food. I've had the Chinese BBQ Chicken Vermicelli Bowl twice and it was delectable both times. The Shrimp Summer Rolls are delightfull as well. Generously sized at two to an order. Chock full of noodles, lettuce, cilantro, mint, cucumber and nice sized shrimp. Everything is very reasonably priced and I love that they're "keeping it green" with their compostable to-go implements. Way to go Lulu B's!

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            1. re: panthacat

              okay, it was great, great, great, we had the shrimp/avacado egg rolls and the pork sandwich. You really can't get any fresher, the cukes, carrots, cilantro and peppers were fab in the sandwich and the service was wonderful!! We will be back!!!