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Feb 2, 2008 05:38 PM

MSP - Eastar Buffet

OK. I've done a search here and there's not a mention of this place. That probably tells me something.

I have a good guess that the answer is no, but I'll ask anyway since I've driven by the place for years. Is there anything that is the least bit interesting about the Eastar Buffet in Uptown at Lake and Dupont?

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  1. It is some decent Chinese food- they don't use msg which is good in my book. The
    problem with the buffet is it depends when you get there, it can be less than fresh.
    Wow, this doesn't really sound like much of an advertisement. Atmosphere is kind of
    depressing in there- dim fluorescent lights or something.

    1. I haven't searched Chowhound but the place used to be called Old China Buffet.

      I never went there under its old name as I never ever eat at a buffet with the word "old" in it. Gives me the willies. And truth be told I haven't been to it under its new moniker because Marla's always draws me in one block before I get to Emerson Avenue.

      I remember many, many moons ago when that building housed Froggies - home of some damn fine sandwiches. Since it went Asian it's changed names (and I'm guessing ownership), fairly often.

      1. i think this place (eastar/old china buffet) is mostly patronized by the customers of the 24 hr laundromat across the street. it always seemed desolate when i would pass by it (lived a few blocks away for 3 years). i took my cue from the sparse crowd & avoided it (snobby perhaps but it seldom steers me wrong), as Mary points out there are other options both east and west along lake that perform at a consistently high standard.

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        1. re: soupkitten

          I agree that there are other options, but figured I'd ask in case I was missing something. The lack of cars in the parking lot has always made me think that it would be a depressing meal there, but you never know.

        2. I went there last year on a Friday night around 6, and there was maybe one other customer. Food was stale and some of it basically congealed. Even the cream cheese wontons were terrible. I was so bummed; several years ago as Old China Buffet the place was (barely) OK in a pinch, but now you couldn't pay me to go back. What is it with Uptown that we've got four Thai restaurants but no decent Chinese?

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          1. re: fendel

            If you're in Uptown and you don't want to head over to Eat Street, I'd recommend heading west to First Wok in the Calhoun Village for a pretty good "traditional" Chinese meal.

            1. re: bob s

              I've had some decent food at First Wok, but haven't been back since the time we sent back an order of shrimp toast -- greasy and almost burned -- and they refused to take it off the bill because we'd already eaten a piece.

          2. If it is a Chinese buffet you are looking for, there are much better ones around. I would recommend in order of preference 1) C1 Buffet in Brooklyn Center 2) Crazy Buffet in Crystal 3) World Buffet in Apple Valley 4) Atlantic Buffet in Bloomington