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Oct 14, 2001 03:42 AM

Riverside or Inland Empire?

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My wife and I are going to meet friends in Riverside next week. Their daughter goes to UC Riverside and they live in Texas. So it's steak steak and more steak for them. So where are all the good steakhouses in and around Riverside? I know one thing for sure, we aren't going to eat dorm food. :)

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  1. Okay, Schu, there's a fairly simple and direct answer to this question. Duane's Prime Steaks, in the historic Mission Inn in downtown Riverside, is the best steakhouse in the Inland Empire, and will go toe-to-toe with anything else in So Cal. Check out the link below for all the particulars, and wherever you go, give your fellow 'hounds a report.


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      Plus, the Mission Inn has a great atmosphere, very California Spanish Colonial. Dunno if that's a real architectural style, but that's what it says to me.

      1. re: SusanB

        Susan if you have been to the Mission Inn how do you rate their food or service? I don't trust the opinion of a second class Redlands graduate.