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Cafe Martorano Meatball Recipe?

Okay, this is probably wrong but here goes.

I'm an event planner and am planning a 25th anniversay surprise vow renewal. The couple met when they were 22, got engaged a month later, and married seven months later. At that age they were too broke for any type wedding so the bride is going all out to surprise her husband with a vow renewal.

It is a black tie big budget affair.

They are still so in love with each other it is sickening.

Anyway, one of their all time favorite foods are the meatballs at Cafe Martorano in Fort Lauderdale. Since Steve Martorano is somewhat of a celebrity chef, I have no way of contacting him and asking him for the recipe for a one time use.

They are regulars at Cafe Martorano and work out at the same gym but she can't get to Steve because she is always with her husband when she sees him.

Any ideas about how I could possibly pull this off? I've called and emailed the restaurant with no luck.

I'm truly open to any ideas.


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  1. Try snail mail(envelope and note, handwritten)-use their names and explain the circumstances. If they are regulars he might just provide the meatballs. If you are in the same area I doubt the recipe will be forthcoming, however, ask your newspaper food editor. It's possible the recipe has been shared for publication.

    1. Has anyone called the restaurant and asked for the manager?
      And hipquest's idea is a good one....a local food editor might be willing to help you out. Also a tv or radio reporter who does restaurant reviews. It's a nice human interest story, so they might be willing to help.
      Good luck!

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        Thank you so much for your imput!

        Yes, this is just for a one time use and I'd make sure the recipe was never used again by the chef.

        I will write snail mail, call the local food editor, and call the restaurant again.

        Thanks again for your very useful ideas!

      2. Yes,anyone that does food reviews is a great idea.A lot of times they will submit it for the free exposure they receive.Although,if it was my recipe,I would rather supply you with the meatballs pro bono.Great advice.

        1. Just wanted to give you all an update that the restaurant finally did get back with me and offered to provide the meatballs for us. The restaurant manager was very nice and went out of his way to try and help me.

          Unfortunately, just too expensive.

          Thanks so much for the helpful replies!

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            He actually shared and prepared his meatball recipe on the short lived Tony Danza show. I wrote it down somewhere, if I find it I will send to you.

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              I would very much like to have the meatball recipe if possible.
              Thank you.

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              Hi, If you still remember, how expensive was the meatball recipe?

              1. re: cmbenz

                It looks like they offered to sell her actual meaballs, not the recipe.

            3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRhTNR... - here is steve cooking the meatballs
              Steve is also releasing a recipe book soon

              1. I know its been a long time since you posted this but I happen to have the recipe. Like someone else said he was on the Tony Danza show in 2005. I happen to have been to the restaurant and when he was on went online and saved the recipe. I have made some alterations when I make it but here is the original recipe...

                Steve Martorano's Famous Meatballs

                Prepared on the show by Steve Martorano - 1/28/05

                1 lb. beef
                1 lb. veal
                1 lb ground pork
                3 eggs
                1 large bunch of parsley
                1 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
                1 1/2 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
                1 loaf of Italian bread
                1/2 cup of olive oil

                1. Rip Italian bread into pieces and place into a bowl of water.
                2. Squeeze out excess water from bread and place in bowl with beef, veal and pork.
                3. Add parsley, cheese, breadcrumbs and mix together with hands.
                4. Form the meatballs.
                5. Place olive oil in pan and fry the meatballs until lightly browned.
                6. Take fried meatballs and put in a pot of gravy for 1 1/2 hours.
                7. Serve over pasta or enjoy with a salad.