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Feb 2, 2008 05:09 PM

Question about Dopo and Pizzaiolo in Oakland

For anyone who's familiar with either place, any idea how hard it might be to get a table for 2 on Valentine's Day, 2/14?

I know neither takes reservations, but I'm wondering just how crazy the lines might get at either one (and if one might be a better bet than the other). I can show up as early as needed, but my friend will be driving from SF during rush hour.

If anyone can comment, thanks in advance...

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    1. Plan to eat very early or very late, even if you can get a reservation at Pizzaiolo (which will probably be quite crowded and noisy--and you may have to wait a bit even with a res).

      1. Yeah, Pizzaiolo takes reservations, but I'd call right at 3 on Monday and see if you can get one for that day. If you can't get reservations, both open at 5:30, and both have lines outside the front door at that time, though if you're there at 5:30 on a normal day you can usually sit right down...unclear what it will be like on Valentine's Day, though.

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          In my experience, the same is true for Pizzaiolo at about 8:45-9pm, including Valentine's last year or the year before.