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Feb 2, 2008 05:01 PM

Seaport District

There seems to be alot of action and building going on in the seaport district. Anybody know of anything interesting going on or where too check out for lunch/dinner/cocktails ?

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  1. Certainly is a lot going on. They're building a couple of "lifestyle centers" around the Courthouse parking lot areas. Barbara Lynch is opening up a huge eatery in one of them, pastry shop, two resturants. Flour (JoAnne Chang) has a new (1 yr. old) location two streets down from the Childrens Museum. The new Weston has a couple decent restaurants (or one, Sauciety). Legal Sea Foods has LTK and across the street in the old Jimbo's building, Legals is going to put a "flagship resturant" whatever that means. I htink Menino is giving developers breaks in that area because it's the only one left to expand into and he wants it to be the new waterfront.

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      Don't forget Lucky's Lounge!
      a small little place with no sign and a speak easy feel. With Awesome drinks, a yummy food, live music 5 nights a week, and a great Sinatra joint, but not in a cheesy way.
      Almost like...they went wild on the Sinatra 7 years ago and kinda forgot about it now.

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        Barbara Lynch restaurant is actually opening on Congress St. across from A St. (and Luicky's) It is currently under construction. There will also be a restaurant in the new Renaisance Hotel (believe hotel is opening mid Feb.) Another place mentioned as opening soon is Persphone on Summer St, but I walk by periodically and have not noticed any construction activity. Opened not to long ago is Salvatore's on Northern Ave, just down the block from LTK.

        The Jimbo's building is probably best known as Jimmy's. Jimbo was originally across the street but when it's building was torn down it moved and occupied a small end of Jimmy's. The Jimmy's building has now also been torn down and and a new building will be built on the site. Believe Legal is going into the new building.

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          And last I heard...Morton's was going in somewhere over there. near Jimmy's

          1. re: Debbiedoesfood

            It is actually located in an office building next to the Seaport Hotel and has been open a couple of months.

      2. I'd say that LTK is probably the most trendy/happenin' place in that area right now, but my favorite is still Lucky's (which is closer to S. Sta).

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