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Feb 2, 2008 04:48 PM

Secret Wing Joint- Detroit Area-Know any?

I've had BW3's (enjoyed em) been to Hooters (over rated)- Looking for more authentic Buffalo, NY style, perhaps a few places that are under the radar and do a great wing ( NO WING DINGS !) Thanks !

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  1. parrot cove yacht club - dequinder just north of 14 mile. i have not been there in years, but it's a key west type of bar and they are known for their wings. if you want a full on heat challenge, they have a thing where they take their hottest wings and roll them in crushed habaneros. eat the entire plate and they give you a t-shirt.

    1. TC Gators in Canton on Ford Rd. The wings are big and meaty. Try the Damn Hot sauce.