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Feb 2, 2008 04:23 PM

scones, where do you buy the most delicious ones?

I'm craving some...

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  1. Sherman's in Union Square, Somerville. The strawberry one is amazing, although I find the chocolate chip one a close second, especially if you get them when the chocolate chips are still melty. Good luck.

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    1. re: makonna

      A note on the scones at Sherman St: for better or worse, they're pretty atypical. The dough is significantly lighter and airier than a garden variety scone; Bob Dobalina once posted that they're kind of "biscuity".

      I've never been much of a scone kind of guy, but I really like the ones from Sherman. Maybe they're scones for people who don't like scones.

      1. re: finlero

        And for people who don't like people who like "normal" scones. :-b
        I don't think there is any reason a proper scone has to evoke a hockey puck.
        Though I recently had a fig scone from Petsi (central sq.) that was yummy.

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Amen to Petsi's, BD. Friends brought us a sampler of four recently, and though I'm not normally a scone guy, all were great. Especially dug their blueberry and their frosted lemon. Deeelicious.

      2. re: makonna

        I'm a little late with this one but I agree, the scones at Sherman's are delicious! I like the apricot almond one the best and was actually a little disappointed with the strawberry one. My second favorite was the oatmeal cherry (I think?).

        And to go off topic a bit, their bacon egg and cheese sandwiches are delicious as well :)

        1. re: makonna

          Gotta be Sherman!! They make them right there, and they have the perfect texture, sweetness and bit of crunch. Definitely "biscuity." My favorite is probably the apricot-almond also (the fruit gets a little chewy on the outside, but stays tender inside, yum) but they are all delicious.... thanks to this thread, I might have to go have one this afternoon. They are HUGE, however, so bring a friend ; )

          ... and if they are out of scones, you can always get one of the awesome carrot-cake muffins.

          1. re: erican

            Just to add another shout out for Sherman - since this thread started two years ago, Sherman has expanded its scone offerings - The lemon scone fresh out of the oven was pretty much manna from heaven for me in 2008, but now I cannot resist whatever savory scone they put out each day - some combo of squash, cheese, onion, occasional meat, herbs - always that flaky biscuit-like interior. So good.

              1. re: catsmeow

                Sherman Cafe in Union Square

                Sherman Cafe
                257 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143

        2. Clear Flour's scones are quite amazing... Perfect moist content.

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          1. re: joebelt

            They're not made in-house - I don;t know where they get them but I like the savory scones at Toscanini's

            1. re: Fenway_Frank

              I highly doubt Clear Flour doesn't make their own scones. What sources do you have to advance that claim?

                1. re: Fenway_Frank

                  Toscanini's are made at the Biscuit (was Toscanini's and Sons) near Dali/Wine Cheese Cask in Somerville. They are not owned by the same people anymore. They also make the scones for Diesel, T-lux, DaDo, Darwin's, and Zing.


                  1. re: yarm

                    ooooh. Good to know. I've been by the Biscuit many times, but kind of thought it was a dog bone bakery. Go figure.

          2. Canto 6 in Jamaica Plain - on the corner of Washington and Green street.

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            1. re: Prav

              Cinnamon scones from South End Buttery.

              1. re: msgcook

                I was in there yesterday and they'd put a cinnamon scone on the counter to sample. I was hooked!

              2. Currant/raisin from Greenhills in Dorchester - soft and doughy - great toasted with butter.

                Currant from Petsi Pies in Somerville - very crispy - no toasting ever needed/wanted!

                1. Cafe Ula in JP, without a doubt. Lemon ginger, pear almond, and my favorite, whole wheat cherry pecan. Very spare, buttery, rustic--just perfect.

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                  1. re: Fenway_Frank

                    I make the best scones! I use the lemon cream scone recipe on, and have tried many adaptations. There's no turning back!


                    1. re: janeh

                      Blue Frog Bakery in Jamaica Plain has out of this world scones.

                      1. re: edgewater

                        Ditto to what edgewater said. Blue Frog's scones are in a class by themselves. I HATE dry scones that disintegrate when you bite into them. Blue Frog's are crunchy on the outside and beautifully moist on the inside. It's a small place though so if you wanted to buy a LOT, like for a brunch party or sumthin it's a good idea to order in advance.

                    2. re: Fenway_Frank

                      I second Ula! Buttery, light but dense and not too biscuity. Whole wheat pecan cherry are my favorites, but they're all good--lemon thyme, cherry almond, oatmeal currant.