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Feb 2, 2008 04:21 PM

Need recs: got my bo ssam, now what?

Friends from out of town will be in NYC next week for a brief visit i.e. two dinners. We've got a res for bo ssam at momofuku one night (already been -- loved it), but want something special for Night #2. My friends are coming from L.A. where they go to good restaurants often. I want to take them to a restaurant that offers something unique to NYC. Can be Manhattan or Brooklyn (as I live in BK). Price isn't an obstacle -- though we are down-to-earth and don't want to go somewhere where everyone else is celebrating an anniversary or getting engaged. Also, privacy a plus. We are not going to see and be seen.

It's short notice, so Per Se, Bouley, and the like are out. Besides, we are looking for somewhere with a more casual vibe like momofuku.

Would appreciate the kind of thoughtful and knowledgeable recs chowhounders are known for!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That's casting a very wide net... If you liked Momofuku, that kind of modern, asian influenced cuisine, then I'd suggest P*ong, although it's more of a small-plates tasting place with tiny portions, the flavor combinations are out of this world. And stay for P*ong's desserts, which are really the highlights of the restaurant.

    But since you're already going to have Momofuku, perhaps something different the 2nd night. Uniquely NYC... hm Peter Lugers if they like steak?

    There are so many choices! What cuisine/type of food are you're looking for?

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    1. re: misschopsticks

      Not Asian, since we're already doing Asian, and while a steak house is a good idea, we're doing that big hunk of pork the night before. But otherwise, we are adventurous eaters looking for a thrill -- not a particular cuisine. Any unexploited gems out there? Is Mamlouk still good? I loved how they didn't have a menu -- just a few fresh choices every night. What are you favorite new discoveries?

    2. id agree with misschopsticks, a steak house would be from LA, generally id avoid taking them to any asian food as you can get much better asian food in LA (although ure already going to momofuku); a steakhouse like peter lugers is not available in LA (steakhouses in NY are much better than LA)

      Try Freeman's, its not necessarily unique to NY, but its a solid restaurant with cool decor and is definitely different than most of LA...all my friends from LA generally love it

      Another rec might be indian, indian food is better in NY...Saravannas might be a decent choice

      Oh i just remembered, if you can get a reservation go to Scalinatella...its a great italian restaurant, very local NYC...although it can be very expensive

      1. If I had friends in from LA I'd consider taking them to

        — Momofuku
        — Spotted Pig
        — Al di la
        — Marlow & Sons
        — Una Pizza Napoletana

        Strange list I suppose (all I can think of right now) ...

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        1. re: cmballa

          i agree with yr choices except una pizza which i just loathe.

          perilla, market table, ino...tiny little nooks in the west village are something LA types dream of.

          1. re: sam1

            Yeah maybe not Una Pizza.

            WV nooks are unique to this city and where it's at for tourists who can afford it.

          2. i third the spotted pig
            market table - new low key great food
            raoul's in soho for steak
            peasant for classy, older but downtown mellow crowd - great oven baked fish, pasta & pizzas
            and tia pol, so you can scare them with the west side avenues...

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            1. re: Jck90

              Like that list. Love spotted pig. Maybe also Falai?

            2. Raoul's. I live in Chicago but visit NY often and usually make a stop at Raoul's. I even held my husbands b-day party there a few years back. Steaks are great, so is the lobster out of the shell (if they have it), fish is less of a standout in my opinion. The atmosphere is the best, laid back yet sophisticated. When you are there, you feel like you are in "real" new york. Ask to be seated in the front room. Great place for late night dining as well if you feel like catching a show first.