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Feb 2, 2008 04:18 PM

Chinese New Years - Lai Wah Heen - What to order?

Hi all,

I'm taking my sweetie to LWH for Chinese New Years, and it's really a splurge for us. So we want to make the most of our experience. Does this sound like the right thing to order?
-Rainbow chop of sun-dried oyster & water-chestnut in a golden-fried wonton fold
-Rich Seafood bisque soup swirling with shreds of shark’s fin & fresh crabmeat
-Braised Japanese dried abalone, oyster mushrooms & vegetable
-Deep-fried Cornish hen flavored with truffle sauce
-Butterfly-cut lobster steamed with garlic sauce
-Shrimp fried rice flavored with salted duck egg yolk
-Traditional New Year pastries
It's their "Deluxe Innovative New Year Menu."
Would it make more sense to order à la carte? Or one of their regular prix fixe menus? If so, what would you recommend?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. The above captioned 'Deluxe New Year Menu' looks very feastive and appealling. I will stick with it!

    1. Sounds like a nice much of a hole is it going to burn on ur pocket......

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      1. re: warlock

        It'll be brutal. Don't even ask. That's why I'm trying to get some kind of idea of what to order...(His birthday just happens to fall on Chinese New Years, so it's a great present for him - that just also happens to be something I would never splurge on for myself. Convenient, eh?)

        1. re: pouletsecret

          $138.00 per person.

          That's not bad considering it *IS* his Birthday AND Chinese New Year!! :)

          1. re: danthediner

            That's not too bad provided the "braised shark fin soup" itself is already $98 in the regular menu, but of course it has much more shark fin that the "shreds of shark’s fin" in the "chinese special menu".