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Feb 2, 2008 04:13 PM

Masa's or La Folie for Vegetarian Tasting Menu

Only have time for one...


Best Vegetarian Restaurant in San Francisco (only the city).

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  1. Fleur de Lys is said to be good for that; Chelsea is a veg and ate there at least once. It's a very beautiful rest.

    1. The vegetarian tasting menu at the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton is superb.

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      1. re: Michael Rodriguez

        Ooh, that's probably the way to go. I was scanning websites for mentions of vegetarian tasting menus, and didn't see one for the Dining Room on their website, but I did find a picture of the veg tasting menu on a blog:

        It looks really good.

          1. re: lavendula

            You might want to check if they still have it. I ate there this weekend and there was the salt and pepper and chefs tasting menu, but no vegetarian menu listed (which doesn't mean they wouldn't do it).

            1. re: estnet

              I just called and they offer it every night except Sunday.