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Feb 2, 2008 03:52 PM

Prudhomme Red Beans -- too much water?

I'm making Paul Prudhomme's Red Beans & Rice from the Louisiana Kitchen cookbook, and he calls for what seems like an insane amount of water. It's 10 cups of water to make the initial broth, and that's fine. But when you add the beans (1 lb, soaked), he calls for adding another 4 cups of water, and after an hour another 2 cups. That's 16 cups total. I've stuck at the 10 cups, figuring I can add more if I need to, but I can't take it out.

A quick websearch turns up a lot of red beans & rice recipes calling for 8-10 cups of water, plus more if needed. I can see, depending on your beans and how vigorous your simmer is, that more could be needed. But fans of Louisiana Kitchen, do you really add all 16 cups of water?

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  1. Well, I grew up on red beans and rice and nobody I ever saw cook them used a measuring cup. Besides, some people like them a bit runny and some like them thick and pasty. Just cover the soaked beans with an inch or two of water and added more as needed. But don't add cold water. Keep a kettle or pot simmering on the side.

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      I've always used enough water to cover the beans and then keep an eye on them. If you like you beans less watery, you can spoon some beans out and put in a bowl and mash them up and then put back into the pot, doing this as often as nec. to reach the desired consistency.