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Feb 2, 2008 03:33 PM

Sushi on a budget.[Louisville]

Okay, i'm new to town and am in college, so my budget is a tad tight. I fell in love with sushi and (i might spell this wrong) sashimi in my old hometown and now don't know where to go to find some good, cheap sushi. I live near Okolona, and googled searched and came up wih something about a norita sushi factory, anyone been there??? Or are there other places that could be recommended???

Please help, my craving is killing me!!!

P.S. I am a current culinary student and love to watch people make food, is there a sushi bar anywhere I could watch them make it???

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  1. Where is Okolona?

    Just a guess but sushi has to be made with higher grade fish which is why it is on the expensive side.

    You'll find it less expensive at a grocery store than in a restaurant.

    1. Putting a city name in your post title will increase your response rate. Usually, I don't even check on a post for cities with which I am unfamiliar. My love of sushi caused me to deviate from my norm.

        1. Ok, Okalona is a small town in Louisville, Sheperdsville road runs right through it, and the Outer Loop is nearby. Just anyplace in Louisville would be nice, i'd like some names please... or suggestions for resturants as the stores sushi is terrible and far between.

          1. Norita isn't a sushi factory... it makes Sushi grade seaweed wrappers for sushi...Theres a place going out towards Tom Sawyer Park that has AYCE sushi for like $22.00 I'll have to get the name.