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Feb 2, 2008 02:37 PM

fat bastard

it's a french wine, anybody like the variety??? good/bad. thx.

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  1. I have had the Chardonnay, and was unimpressed. Back a decade, or so, ago, they were heavily distributed to the Tidewater area, and it seemed that every place we went had them as featured wines - guess that the Liquor Boards had bought a ton in several states, especially SC. Every wine bar and every retail shop from well into NC, all the way down to Savanah had walls of the stuff, so it must have been selling, but I'm not sure why. It was cheap, and tasted so. For the $, I found a few dozen wines, even in that geographic area with the limitations on variety. I think the name was the big draw.

    I have not had any other varietals, nor have I had the Chard in many years. It might have imporved, but then, if it sells OK, as it is, what is the incentive? I do not recall the hippo, but then cute little animals (or fat ones) were not necessary to sell a wine - yet.

    Let us know what you think about it. I still have not gotten up the courage to try the Target box-wine, or do the 2$C tasting, that I promised. Maybe soon...


    1. Several years ago I thought the Shiraz was pretty good for the price. Had a glass the other day and I don't know if my taste has changed or what, but honestly it was rather nasty.

      1. Beware of wines which rely on "cute" names for their sales.

        1. Several years ago, some friends of mine threw a party and served many bottles of Fat Bastard wine- they loved the label so much that they bought a case of it. I thought it was cute, but tasted like it should have been a $10 wine, not a $20 one. I guess the label deserves all of the attention, bc it's certainly doing all of the work! I see it around quite a lot these days, and I always remind myself how deceptive cute labels can be.

          1. I don't drink a lot of white wine but the 2004 Fat Bastard Chardonnay happens to be a great value wine at around $8.