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fat bastard

it's a french wine, anybody like the variety??? good/bad. thx. http://www.fatbastardwine.com/our-win...

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  1. I have had the Chardonnay, and was unimpressed. Back a decade, or so, ago, they were heavily distributed to the Tidewater area, and it seemed that every place we went had them as featured wines - guess that the Liquor Boards had bought a ton in several states, especially SC. Every wine bar and every retail shop from well into NC, all the way down to Savanah had walls of the stuff, so it must have been selling, but I'm not sure why. It was cheap, and tasted so. For the $, I found a few dozen wines, even in that geographic area with the limitations on variety. I think the name was the big draw.

    I have not had any other varietals, nor have I had the Chard in many years. It might have imporved, but then, if it sells OK, as it is, what is the incentive? I do not recall the hippo, but then cute little animals (or fat ones) were not necessary to sell a wine - yet.

    Let us know what you think about it. I still have not gotten up the courage to try the Target box-wine, or do the 2$C tasting, that I promised. Maybe soon...


    1. Several years ago I thought the Shiraz was pretty good for the price. Had a glass the other day and I don't know if my taste has changed or what, but honestly it was rather nasty.

      1. Beware of wines which rely on "cute" names for their sales.

        1. Several years ago, some friends of mine threw a party and served many bottles of Fat Bastard wine- they loved the label so much that they bought a case of it. I thought it was cute, but tasted like it should have been a $10 wine, not a $20 one. I guess the label deserves all of the attention, bc it's certainly doing all of the work! I see it around quite a lot these days, and I always remind myself how deceptive cute labels can be.

          1. I don't drink a lot of white wine but the 2004 Fat Bastard Chardonnay happens to be a great value wine at around $8.

            1. Offensive name and it's bellywash.

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                Not about names about wine and this is a deal

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                  OK, if you're looking for a bargain wine with a catchy name that actually tastes good:
                  "Goats do Roam" or
                  "Red Truck"

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                    Agreed. Despite my previous comment, I will admit that there are actually some wines with "c-u-u-u-u-u-u-t-e" names that do in fact taste good.

                    This, OTOH, while their original releases were never great were "pretty good." Subsequent releases however, have placed this brand firmly in the "Pass" category for me.

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                      Back in 2002 Fat Bastard did not have an animal on the label. It was about $5-6 at Sam's Club and the Shiraz anyway was pretty good at that price. Hadn't had it for several years and I was surprised how much the quality had gone down and the price had gone up.

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                        That is often what happens when a wine is created on "Madison Ave.," and not in the vineyard. A lot of Australian wine is a perfect example. One takes a very cheap wine, runs the concept through a great design firm, then an advertising agency, and finally a great PR house. You create a brand, then get the recognition, and finally the buzz. At that point, you raise the price and have a perfect example of "The Emperor's New Clothes." P. T. Barnum should have lived long enough and gone into wine marketing.

                        Based on my early experiences with this wine group, I am surprised that they have stayed around, as long as they have. Though, I think that Thunderbird is still being sold.

                        The addition of a cute little hippo tells me that their time may well be up. Next, they will claim that the product is “Green.” That, or include some iTunes coupons with each bottle...


                        1. re: Bill Hunt

                          Fat Bastard wasn't created in Madison Avenue, neither did the name come from an advertising agency.

                          The name is a pun on Batard Montrachet and the name and the label was invented by Guy Anderson and Thierry Boudinard.

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                          Back in 2002 Fat Bastard definitely did have a hippo on its label. Had it from day 1. They've recently redesigned their label and made it bigger. See here for a 2002 FB label --http://www.winelabels.org/labels.htm

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                            I do remember that now, but it didn't overwhelm the bottle. I like the old label better.

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                              Thanks for the info. Apparently, I was so unimpressed with the wine, that I missed the hippo - as I stated, "I do not recall the hippo... " Even the PoP advertisements did not feature the creature prominently enough for me to remember it.

                              If the name is a play on Bâtard-Montrachet, I would assume that the Chard was their original wine offering. When did they start with the other varietals? Also, has the Chard changed significantly, from the earlier releases?

                              As I mentioned to the OP, I was not enamored of the wine, but that was quite some time back.

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                                Bill, yes, Chardonnay was the first --and only -- wine they made for some time. But such was the success with FB that they followed it with a Syrah which they titled Utter Bastard.

                                After a while they just used the FB brand name, dropping UB.

                                They had some problems in some USA states getting approval for the FB name, and the hippo played a part in helping getting that approval and was increased in size.

                                I thought the original FB Chardonnay was pretty darn good (for a Chadonnay :) at the price point. Production has increased tremendously since and I haven't had FB Chardonnay for quite some time. (So many wines, too few days).

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                                  Thanks for the update and the info. After my initial exposure to the Chard, I put it way down my list.

                                  I just do not recall the hippo, but maybe it was on the bottle, though not used in the PoP material, that was everywhere in the Tidewater region. Or, I just missed it.

                                  Maybe I need to put this on the list of "value" wines to try, or try again.

                                  Your comments are appreciated,

                          2. re: zin1953

                            had it recently again and agree wholeheartedly

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                              Kung Fu Girl Riesling is one that comes to mine. It's the best domestic riesling in the under $15 category that I've ever had. But K Vinters are a little odd in that they give almost all of their wines weird names.

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                                Have not seen Kung Fu Girl Riesling, but "local" producers often give the wines odd names, "Roadkill Red," from CO comes to mind.


                                1. re: Bill Hunt

                                  OK, so one of my favorites -- which dates back to the 1970s, for whatever it's worth -- is "Rhode Island Red" by Sakonnent Vineyards in . . . Rhode Island!

                                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                                    I'm not sure if Kung Fu Girl Riesling had nationwide distribution. K Vintners is a Walla Walla winery. Kung Fu Girl was done on their second label (Charles Smith). They also do the House Wines, Holy Cow Chardonnay and Holy Cow Merlot.

                                    I think they are better known for their Syrah. One of the weirdest labels I've ever seen from anyone was their Invisible Boy Syrah. The label was white and blank!

                        3. Over Chistmas holidays, my mother and I ordered in pizza. I went down to the cellar and found a couple of bottles of FB merlot and shiraz that she had forgotten about, so we opened those to have with the 'za. The shiraz was better than the merlot, but the merlot was OK - nothing special, but for the price (she paid ca. CDN$13 about three years ago), they were acceptable. I think that the vintage 2002 (or 2003?). I don't know about the more recent vintages, though.

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                            I am puzzled by all of the price quotes I am seeing on this board. I always see Fat Bastard (red- I don't even look at it closely enough to see what kind) at $17, $18 dollars. That's Manhattan, NYC.

                            1. re: vvvindaloo

                              At $17-18 US, do not buy! Unless, you enjoy throwing good $'s after poor wine. Going back to when I first saw it (North Carolina/Georgia and about 15 years ago), it was US$6/btl. - take your choice of varietal. It was poor then, and I suspect, but do not know for certain, that it is about the same.

                              I'm not a "value wine" person, by nature, but I would not consider what I tasted then to be any sort of "value." For US$12/btl., I can think of several other wines, that are standouts, in that price range. Bump it up to US$20 and a dozen more come into play - all better wines for the $. Unless your posse really gets off on "Fat Bastard," do not bother.


                              1. re: Bill Hunt

                                i paired the fat bastard with R wineries bitch, and found them to make a lovely couple.

                                1. re: Bill Hunt

                                  I hear you 100% Bill! As I think I expressed above, I wouldn't buy Fat Bastard even if it cost $5. I am not much of a "value wine" person, either. I am still learning, and so I try to have an open mind and try new things, but I definitely have a taste for quality as far as red wines go. And it's hard to compromise!

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                                  Those are crazy prices for FB. In Florida, it is never more that $10 per bottle.

                                  1. re: vvvindaloo

                                    vvvindaloo says that he/she is puzzled by the varying prices. Price variation across North America varies wildly due to the structure of sale (monopoly vs free market), local tax regime, exchange rate fluctuation, and marketing oddities. Monopolies are not always evil in this instance. I live in a monopoly jurisdiction and, as an example, Santa Maria Pinot Grigio is almost $10 less here than in California.

                                    Referring to my original post, Three years ago, CDN$13~USD$9-10; now approximately par. I wouldn't pay $18 for FB.

                                3. Has anyone who posted a response bashing Fat Bastard actually tried the 2004 Chard? Arthur Damond who has a great palate and is a great source for inexpensive wines listed it as an exceptional value. That's how I found it and I have never paid more than $8 for it. The name is completely irrelevant. If you are interested in good wine under $10 I would give it a try.

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                                    Arthur and I frequently agree. But not on everything, and not on this.

                                    1. re: zin1953

                                      I hear you and my comment was not directed at you. I know you are familiar with the wine and respect your opinion. That said, it appeared that several people were commenting more on the name than the wine. The only one I have tried and can comment on is the 04 Chard and it is good stuff at $8.00.