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Feb 2, 2008 02:18 PM

Does anyone have Chicken Sizzling Rice soup in Austin?

We had a restaurant in California that had the perfect mix of carrots, cabbage, chicken and mild chicken broth with a bowl of crisp rice that you poured into the broth at the table creating the "sizzle". Anyone know of anything remotely close here in Austin? I am missing it SO much and crave it the most when I am sick! Annie Chun's noodle bowl soups can only satisfy so much before I need the real thing!

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  1. Remotely close - the Baby A's Soup. I went away from it for many years and I had it again when not feeling well a year or so ago and now that's what I crave when I'm sick... which is really the only time that Baby A's is a destination for me. (I also crave the ten cent ramen noodles when I don't feel well so I don't think it's much about deliciousness.)

    Different veggies and seasonings but it is remotely close.

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      Sizzling rice soup is definitely one of my favored soups and it's typically fantastic only if done right. This combined with Paper Wrapped Chicken usually makes for a fantastic meal. Unfortunately, neither of these of these 2 dishes have turned up for me yet in Austin but I would definitely love to hear if someone has found something on this dish.

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        Not much longer did I leave my reply when a friend of mine that frequents these boards but never replies sent me this link. I usually forget about the food here mainly because I love the Dim Sum. But this might be exactly what you're looking for Sundrops.

    2. China Sea on Far West has sizzling rice soup although I have not tried it yet.

      China Sea
      3742 Far West Blvd Ste 113, Austin, TX 78731

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      1. Sichuan Garden (in RR) has fish sizzling rice soup, which I ordered once. Not sure exactly what you mean by 'crisp rice' though -- do you mean just rice cakes, or actual 'Guo Ba' (the caramelized, crisped and hardened layer of rice found at the bottom of the rice pot)? Sichuan Garden uses rice cakes, which, while not bad, are not authentic, and actually tastes quite different.

        Sichuan Garden
        110 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78681