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Oct 13, 2001 02:24 AM

Bossa Nova

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Several previous posts were not complimentary about Bossa Nova with one or two exceptions. Most that I read claimed it was inauthentic.

I dined there this evening and while I am no expert on what is authentic in Brazilian food, I found the whole experience to be quite delightful.

My friend and I started off with Coxinha, a deep-fried Brazilian delicacy of shredded chicken and cheese in a a breaded dough. This was a new thing for me and I thought it flavorful and interesting. Wanting to keep with the true Brazilian theme, we shied away from the pizzas (which did look fabulous).

I ordered the New York loin steak and my friend the Red Snapper filet. Both were served with Black Beans and White Rice, Salsa, fried Plantains, and Yucca powder. Since I am more accustomed to Black Beans and Rice from Versailles, I found the incorporation of the Yucca powder into the mixture a different and deepening flavor. The steak was tender and topped with a large mound of garlic butter and the Red Snapper was extremely moist and very flavorful.

Now here is the point that I found most impressive about the evening: the prices. While the food might not be "the best" in Brazilian, the Red Snapper dinner was only $8.95 and the steak dinner was $12.95. Also, we ordered a bottle of Trapiche Pinot Noir from Argentina. I have purchased other Trapiche products retail including Malbec and Cabernet and the label has traditionally run in the $10.00 range. This bottle, at a restaurant, was only $15.00. Most of the wine list was in the $15.00 range which indicates they don't do the usual 2 1/2 times mark-up. THAT impressed me. I am also pleased with the idea that they are open until 4:00am, so I can get a fix late at night. I can't wait to try one of their pizzas!

7181 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, (323) 436-7999.

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  1. Hey Carolyn, how are you? I hope things are starting to look up for you. Remember, your recent lay-off, could actually be the defintive sign to follow your dreams. But I must respectfully disagree with your praise of Bossa Nova. I've been there twice and both times I suffered from extremely (and I mean the absolute worst) service. The food is mediocre at best. The steak was a bit thin and dried out the time I had it (not the rare I asked for) and for a few dollars more I can get a better prepared, yet still inexpensive flank steak at Gaucho Grill. The salmon I had the other time I was rather ordinary and a bit dry and overcooked.

    But back to the service. The first time I dined there, the place was understaffed and although our menu, drinks, food and check took forever to receive, I sympathized with the server. I've been a server before and can usually deteact when the server is overseated and when the server is actually incompetent. So no big deal.

    However, the last time I was there I experienced the absolutely worst service I've ever experienced anywhere. I took a girl there and from the start our airhead server took incompetence to a whole new level. And I must mention that the place wasn't even busy. Ten minutes to get our menu and another ten minutes to return and take our drinks and food order. I ordered the salmon and my date ordered the seafood pasta. When the server finally delivered our entree's, he asked my date if she wanted some grated cheese on top of her pasta. She told him yes and he proceeded to try and work this electric cheese grinder on top of her pasta. It didn't work, so he said he'd be right back. I also asked him for a bottle of tabasco before he left. Well, another twenty minutes past and he walked by our table several times yet never returned to our table, nor addressed us. When he finally came back with a new cheese grater and my tabasco, my date was already half way done with her pasta and wanted the rest 'to-go' and by then I had finished my salmon. Instead of apologizing for his unsubstantiated delay, he paused for a moment as his empty head tried to figure out how to handle the situation until he said to me, "you gotta breathe man." At that point I was ready to strangle the moron, but I kept my cool. I just calmly asked for the check. Well the check came in only a few minutes and I put my credit card immediately on top. Another fifteen minutes dwindled by and he never came back to retreive the check sitting on our table. Finally the manager or perhaps the owner noticed our distress and asked if everything was alright. I kept my cool and just told him the server had taken forever to pick up the check with my card. He instead took it and now the manger took over ten minutes to return it! WTF?! So eventually we got the bill back, I paid it and tipped the jerkoff a petty dollar.

    This happened a while back and maybe they've smoothed out the service. However, in my opinion there are just too many places with better food and similar prices in the area to ever warrant a return visit to this place.