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Feb 2, 2008 01:33 PM

Sunday Meals in the 7th?

In Paris this weekend and know that most places will be closed tomorrow. Hoping that some of you will have suggestions for lunch and dinner on a Sunday.

Staying in the 7th, just off rue de St. Dominique but willing to go just about anywhere in the city for excellent food. Interested in eating traditional French fare: down home, hearty and tasty.

To add insight into my likes, I dined at L'Arpege on Wednesday night (don't want to spend that much again this trip), that was pretty good. But I really enjoyed Robert et Louis in Marais and Chez l'Ami Jean here in the 7th - something along those lines would be wonderful.


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  1. Funny you should mention Sunday! I just found the card I picked up last Nov. at my Sunday dinner in Paris... La Bistro du Sud-Ouest à Paris on 39 Blvd du Montparnasse in the 6me. had a lovely cassoulet and frisée salad. It was a cold, rainy day and the smells emanating from the bistro were so inviting, I just followed my nose and was very pleased!

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      For dinner, I suggest Pasco from where you can easily walk back 'home'.
      Food is Mediterranean, cozy place with a nice view over the Invalides.

    2. Thank you both for the recommendation. Interestingly enough, I passed by both of these places as I walked around today. It's pretty chilly today and a cassoulet would have been wonderful.

      1. Sunday meals at Les Cocottes, Christian Constant's French version of an American diner, with most of the seats at the counter. No reservations but amongst the best value for food in Paris as an entree, plat, desert with wine will be around 40-45 euros.

        Also, the Costes Bros place in Invalides in the 7th called Cafe de l'espanade (reservations necessary) has very good food especially their club sandwich and you may want to save dessert until you walk three blocks to the Rodin Museum garden-one euro admission to the garden and a cute outdoor cafe.

        On Ile de Saint Louis, Mon Vieil Ami is open Sunday-reservations necessary as it is consistently an excellent restaurant.

        1. L'Auberge Bressane, avenue de la Motte Picquet. Just great burgund food -- don't miss the crepes suzette!

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            It would be interesting to learn where the OP finally went.
            If I understand the post correctly, he/she was looking for suggestions for yesterday... ;o)

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              Yeah, I noticed that too late.

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                I hope OP was able to use this post, but even if not, I certainly appreciate the recommendations and will keep them in mind when I am there. Someone mentioned Cocottes above. Is Fables de la Fontaine open on Sundays? Their website says they are open daily, but some of the guidebooks I've read say they are closed on Sunday. Anyone know?

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                  I would trust the website more than the guidebooks. I thought, too, that all of Constant's places were closed on Sunday but accdg to the website it appears only Violon d'Ingres is closed on Sunday.

                  Anyway, there is always Thoumieux in the 7e on Sunday. Go early or reserve. This place, being one of the few opened on Sunday, gets really packed and loud.

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                    As of last Fall the Fables de la Fontaine was indeed open on Sunday; it is very small so reservations are needed. Another Sunday spot on rue surcouf is Au Petit Tonneau run forever by the charming Ginette Boyer. She likes Americans and speaks English.