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Feb 2, 2008 01:08 PM

Ideas for Brunch in Stamford or Greenwich?

Seeking delicious Sunday brunch- hoping for a perfect cappucino, yummy egg/pancake dishes, and of course cocktails. Already done Citi Limits and Thataway Cafe- anyone know of someplace 'nicer' for a great relaxed brunch in the area? Thanks for any suggestions-

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  1. Check out the following two Tristate board threads for many good suggestions:

    Best Pancakes and Real Eggs Benedict

    Need good breakfast/brunch place near Stamford

    Happy brunching!

    1. I think a few folks have recommended the Greenwich Hyatt for brunch. I haven't been - just heard good things about it.

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        Thank you both- we ended up at Palomino in Greenwich which had the lovely atmosphere and brunch choices we were seeking. We had great fritattas and have our eye on the oatmeal pancakes for next time.

      2. A little upscale for brunch but well worth it - L'escale in Greenwich, CT on the waterfront..

        1. There's also the new Saltwater Grille in Shippan. I got their email saying they now serve buffet brunch. Never been but curious as to how it is. The old Beacon Restaurant in the same spot had a pretty good brunch.

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            The do have great Bloody Marys at SWG...hopefully the brunch is on par.

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              mrs jfood went there a few months ago with her mom and said it was inedible.

              1. re: jfood

                For brunch? I read the review you posted a while back and that was for dinner...

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                    Well, lunch is different from brunch. I would never recommend Silvermine Tavern for lunch or dinner, yet they constantly head my rec list for brunch.

                    1. re: Fairfield..Foodie

                      so neither you nor jfood has eaten brunch there. mrs jfood and MIL had a lousy lunch and you had a good bloody mary.

                      sounds like a push to jfood double F

                      1. re: jfood

                        haha. Not really. The suggestion was for brunch. Just because they sucked at lunch does not necessarily mean they suck at brunch. Silvermine sucks at lunch and dinner, but they are great for brunch. I think the Lime sucks at dinner, but it's great for lunch.

                        BTW...I've had a few decent lunches there as I work in the Harbor Drive complex adjacent to SWG. Some items on the lunch menu that I've tried and enjoyed are on the a la carte brunch menu. The buffet looks intriguing until you get to the price. For $35, I'll stick to Silvermine.

                        1. re: Fairfield..Foodie

                          for $35/pp jfood's taking mrs jfood on a leisurely drive to NJ and have some real bagels and novey, sable and pickled herring in cream sauce. then to spiritos in Elizabeth for some raviolis.

            2. If your going to take a ride Restaurant X in Congers(Peter Kellly owned) does a excellent brunch. Locally nobody beat the Hyatt in Greenwich