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Feb 2, 2008 01:02 PM

Best Menudo in A-town

I like La Tapatilla on Anderson Mill and 183, good Michaladas as well HOWEVER it is lacking the pigs foot like an authentic Menudo should have. Jardin Corona has the foot in it but not as good, any other Menudo lovers out there?

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  1. I think Juan in a Million was had pretty good menudo. Available everyday, not just weekends. I havent been there in a year or two however. I need to give La Tapatilla a try.

    1. La Canaria. It's a yellow trailer at 51st and Airport Blvd a bit west of the Tamale House. Everything is para llevar.

      1. I love menudo, but I haven't had it in many places here in Austin. My family tends to make a large batch over the holidays, so I bring up fozen containers of it. I agree about needing the pig foot. The added gelatin gives richness to the broth. I will have to check out La Canaria as well since I live within walking distance.