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Feb 2, 2008 12:58 PM

Thoughts on Capri on Abbott Kinney?

A friend made dinner reservations for us there tonight and I haven't heard much about it. Anything that's particularly good there?

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  1. It's been a couple of years but I've always loved this place. I'm sure it's got its detractors, but I've found it to be a wonderful, relaxing evening in an under-the-radar spot. The room somehow manages to be warm and inviting, despite the minimalist all white d├ęcor. Delicious food and great, friendly, unobtrusive service. They encourage you to take your time. The owner is welcoming and they (used to at least) have an open kitchen policy, so you can walk in and talk to the chef if you're so inclined.

    The only particular dish that has stayed with me over the years was the butternut squash ravioli. Best I've ever had, though not sure if it's still on the menu.


    1. My partner and I have been there several times over the last few months (since moving to the walk streets here in Venice). We've really enjoyed it, though almost everytime we've gone - including last Sunday night it's been pretty quiet (2-4 tables taken).

      The wine list, while light, does have a few reasonable wines for around $40.

      We'd definitely go back - but the place does seem to lack some buzz.

      1. Capri is part or was part of an LA art world story. Here, specifically the LA-Germany (Cologne) connection. Capri owes its start to the German painter Martin Kippenberger, who is like the Andy Warhol of Germany in the 1990s (now deceased). He couldn't find a decent spaghetti bolognese in LA back then, so Capri was the solution.
        Be warned however: Italian food in Germany is ... weird? An Abomination?
        Capri is not that of course. I like it a lot.
        There is a painting by Kippenberger in the restaurant still, I think.
        Also the architecture of the place, the space, was planned by him I've been told. Something about socializing...something about being able to stand in one place and no one could leave without confronting him.
        Kippenberger was a force.

        1. I look forward to your report--it is a place which fell out of favor with me a few years ago after a series of less than inspired meals; so, while it is certainly close to home, I have not been in a while, opting to travel further for better.

          1. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it. I haven't eaten there in a few years since falling in love with Piccolo and Via Veneto, but would love to know if I should put it on my rotation.

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              We ended up at Pastis instead because it was closer to my friend's hotel. But now I'm thinking I need to make a trip to Capri just to provide a current review!

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                Funny, the two places actually have a lot in common, in terms of casual but classy vibe and warm, welcoming service. And in a weird way, I think the food at both tastes just a little better than it is because of those other two things.

                Would love to hear what you think, if and when you get there.