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Feb 2, 2008 12:40 PM

new restaurant in south austin(78745)

i was running errands today and notice some renovations at the strip mall at s. 1st and stassney. the space that formally contained gino's and maynards deli has been combined to house "south-by-south-first", a gulf seafood/bbq joint with a stage for live music. i talked to the owner and he hopes to be open in march. i'm saddened to see gino's go (terrible food but a fun, authentic, south austin hang out joint), but look forward to some more dining options in the '45.

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  1. Weeds, thanks for the heads-up. I agree that dining options in the '45 are somewhat limited, and am always glad to find something new is happening.

    1. Went by today, and the sign (as far as we could tell since it was covered) says "THAI". Anyone know what's up?