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Feb 2, 2008 12:33 PM

Is Sedona Really That Dismal?

My husband and I are heading out to Sedona the end of March/early April for a week. I keep reading that the dining scene out there is not the best. We're staying at L'Auberge which I know is a lovely resort and the food there will be good, but we're looking for other alternatives in the area.

Does not have to be fine dining necessarily. Just decent food.

Someone had recommended the Coffee Pot for breakfast to us, but I keep reading around here it's no big deal (plus, we get breakfast nearly every morning anyway I think).

Suggestions? Or do we have to think about driving out of the area. That would really stink!

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  1. We had a two hour lunch on the patio right by Oak Creek at L'Auberge a couple of years ago, it was heaven. Rachel Ray's table and favorite place in AZ.

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      So there really is a Rachel Ray? {G} Not just on the back of the Ritz cracker box?

      Breakfast or lunch at creekside at L'Auberge is so pretty on a nice day, you'll forgive any lapses in the food (probably). It's always been at least pretty good for us, sometimes very good, once or twice excellent. But inconsistent, which is annoying. We haven't been since last spring.

      Cheers -- Pete Tillman. Rimrock

    2. We stayed at the Sky Ranch Lodge on Airport Road, which by the way was a piece of heaven on earth. Up the road from the Lodge is a restaurant at the small airport there, which had outstanding dining. They also have huge windows so you can watch the planes taking off and landing. Very pleasant atmosphere, very fresh affordable food. Breakfast was great as well. Have a good time. Here is the web site for the Airport Restaurant.

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        we ate at sedona airport restaurant last night. we both ordered the cod all you can eat. I was having fond memories of the wonderul cod from ///wholeys in pittsburg, pa. and this cod was not living up to my expectations. the batter was a little moist near the cod so i just ate the cod. my husband; s beer ( local brew) was not so good either. they are convenient to the sktyranch where we are staying and others on this site had suggested it but i wouldn't return there based on our meal. It might be unfair cause the dinner was only 12.95 for all you can eat and i was expecting too much but we are heading to cafe elote tonight.

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          to bad to hear, we are heading to Sedona this summer and thought we would give it a try. have you eaten breakfast there? wondering if it is good for a quick bite? Love to hear how Elote turned out and what you think of skyranch, thanks

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            The airport restaurant has always been a good breakfast and lunch spot - haven't been there for dinner in years, though.

      2. Dahl and DeLuca is good, as is Cucina Rustica. They also have a nice little wine store and gourmet market called A'Roma. Try the resaurant and Hotel Rouge as well. Stay away from the main drag tourist places and you'll do fine; it's not a wasteland!

        1. A 40-minute drive/diversion from Sedona will put you at the Cottage Place in Flagstaff. This is a fantastic restaurant which will make for a memorable evening. The food and service are both top-notch. The drive up Oak Creek Canyon has fantastic scenery so it would not "stink" too bad.

          I also very much enjoy L'Auberge. The tasting menu is top quality as are the ala carte choices. Good wine list as well. It seems to take beatings on the web for being "snooty" with "small portions", but I continually defend it as one of Northern Arizona's best dining experiences.

          I don't know why Sedona gets so bashed as you say. It's really just a small desert town that has some tourist appeal. There is no other small town in Northern AZ with anywhere near as many good dining choices as Sedona.

          1. Stayed at the Enchantment Resort (just outside of Sedona) last year, they have two restaurants, the view is spectacular. The outside rest. is ok, worth it for the view. The inside rest. is fancy, food is good, expensive, service is good, view (again) is spectacular - it is worth your time to have a meal there. After a few very mediocre meals in town, we decided to have most of our meals at the resort.