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Feb 2, 2008 12:21 PM

TTC Subway Dash & Dine 2008

Annually as the snow piles up and the temperatures go down the same question arises all over the Toronto CH board. “Where can I dine without freezing my toches off to get there?”

This was originally created for the benefit of my girlfriends. We need a list of restos that are spike-heeled-running-distance from the subway. It’s updated it annually to reflect the new and the passing so as to not waste precious steps. It is not specifically a list of “the best” restos in town. Its main purpose is function.

While I’ve been to many of these I haven’t been to all. An effort was made to add adventure by having a few new ones to try along the February blahs way to spring thaw awes. I’ve done careful research of opinions on this board and elsewhere for intersections that I don’t frequent to create the newbie list. After all, I have every intention of taking my friends to these places.

It is by no means comprehensive. The grazing range for my friends and I tends to be south of Eglinton and east of Bathurst. CH expertise for the subway stops not covered is very welcome.

Here it is for what it’s worth:


St. George, 323 Bloor St W
Bar Mercurio, 270 Bloor St W

Bay, 64 Bloor St W
Pangaea, 1221 Bay St

Yonge, 733 Yonge St
Wish, 3 Charles St E

Sherbourne & Castle Frank
no dice

Broadview, 90 Danforth Ave
Globe Bistro, 124 Danforth Ave

Chester, 370 Danforth Ave
Lambros Meze Wine Bar, 397 Danforth Ave

Pape, 650 Danforth Ave
Il Fornello, 576 Danforth Ave

Donlands, 990 Danforth Ave
The Only Cafe, 972 Danforth Ave

Greenwood, 1177 Danforth Ave
Ten Feet Tall, 1381 Danforth Ave.

Coxwell, 1688 Danforth Ave
Quattro 4 Ragazze, 1792 Danforth Ave

Woodbine, 2072 Danforth Ave
Relish Bar & Grill, 2152 Danforth Ave

Main Street, 2550 Danforth Ave
Grumbles Deli-Cafe, 290 Main St


Eglinton, 2190 Yonge St
Zucca, 2150 Yonge St

Davisville, 1900 Yonge St
Tabule, 2009 Yonge St

St. Clair, 1441 Yonge St
Didier, 1496 Yonge St

Summerhill, 1189 Yonge St
The Abbott on the Hill, 1276 Yonge St

Rosedale, 1009 Yonge St
Rebel House, 1068 Yonge St

Wellesley, 551 Yonge St
Hernando's Hideaway, 545 Yonge St

Volo, 587 Yonge St

College, 448 Yonge St
Daio Japanese, 45 Carlton St

Dundas, 300 Yonge St
Superior, 253 Yonge St

Oro, 45 Elm St

Queen, 171 Yonge St
George, 111C Queen St E

Spices Cafe, 4 Temperance St

King, 70 Yonge St
Beer Bistro, 18 King St E

Colborne Lane, 45 Colborne St

Union, 55 Front St W
Ki, 181 Bay St.

Takesushi, 22 Front St W

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  1. Googs, I've got a question/idea about this list that I'd like to discuss off-board. Would you mind dropping me an email about it?

    1. Can't edit the original post so I'll just add this on for...

      Imperia, 17 Yorkville Ave

      1. Hey, Googs. This is a very good idea.

        To add to your list, I'd suggest:
        Pastis, between Summerhill and Rosedale Stations (closer to Summerhill, I guess). 1158 Yonge St., about a five minute walk from Summerhill.

        Dukem (Ethiopian), at 950 Danforth, about five minutes from Donlands Station.

        Peach Garden Restaurant, at 45 Carlton St., beside Daio. Pretty good pho.

        Outside your parameters, but convenient by subway:
        Merlot, 2994 Bloor St W. Subway: Royal York, 3012 Bloor St W

        Bistro Tournesol, 406 Dupont. Subway, Dupont Station, 278 Dupont, at Spadina, on the University/Spadina Line

        Jamie Kennedy Gardiner, at the Gardiner Museum, at Museum Station,

        C5 at the ROM, also at Museum Station

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        1. re: hungry_pangolin

          Well done Hungry P.

          To clarify, the list isn't meant to service just me and my friends so our normal parameters don't come into play. I thought it was time to get the ball rolling on something comprehensive for the winter time benefit of all Hounds at all subway stops. Our collective knowledge should do the trick. The only real constraint, in consideration of the Lady Hounds, is the aforementioned spike-heeled-running-distance.

        2. Tabule isn't all that winter-friendly. I remember joking with the wait staff on a particularly cold day about which subway station is closer (Eglinton or Davisville), they rolled their eyes and laughed. The reality is both stations are at least 5 minutes walking away.

          I'd add the following:
          Yonge & Bloor
          Focaccia Restaurant, 17 Hayden Street

          17 Hayden St, Toronto, ON M4Y2P2, CA

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          1. re: climacus

            Davisville is closer to Tabule than Eglinton by 0.1 km. Honest. If you know a good resto closer to Davisville station please share. Thanks climacus.

          2. The original comment has been removed