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Feb 2, 2008 11:33 AM

pour-over manual drip coffee station?

I'm searching the world over for those very simple set-ups used at coffee houses that specialize in pour-over manual drip. Melitta is great but I'm also looking for the stands with stainless steel sieve-type filters that hold a few cups. Thanks in advance for any leads you can offer - especially in the area of vocabulary for this equipment!

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  1. I've seen a gold plated mesh filter shaped like a #4 Melitta cone in many stores, including Walmart. I'm not sure about the #2 size.

    Another option is to 'steap and strain'. Put the grounds in the hot water for a few minutes, and strain through a suitably fine strainer. Think of it as a cross between French Press and paper filters. Asian groceries a good place to find inexpensive strainers that are fine enough to handle perk-grind coffee.


    1. I have a feeling this is not exactly what your looking for. But, just in case, check this out.