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Oct 11, 2001 05:04 PM

What happened to Orleans ?

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The food was good, however the staff always seemed a little sloppy and one even dropped plates twice while we were there. Either way it was a great source of entertainment.

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  1. Mary Atkinson could not keep up with the expenses while at Barrington and after being closed for a while, she tried to get together with Rick Royce and combine his ribs with her food. Two very dominant people could not decide what day it was, much less anything else, so eventually they parted ways under very much duress, law suits, etc. A truly ugly story. This is truly all that is worth saying.

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      Thanks Carter, your very helpful, wonder where the cooks went, again, I sure do miss that food. Did you used to work there ?

      1. re: Pantera

        Royce still does catering, last I heard. I think it is called Rick Royce Catering.

        1. re: Just Larry

          what ever happened to homer & edy's bistro? or am i 10 years out of date? i think it was in culver city?

          1. re: Terry House

            Homer and Edy's was on Robertson just north of the Santa Monica Fwy. You can still make out the cauldron hanging in front of the building. Closed over 10 years ago shortly after the incapacity of the chef, Homer. (Homer had actually been a chef on the Texas and New Orleans Railroad before it became part of the Southern Pacific - now Union Pacific- on 11/1/1961.) Edy Luke is now a food columnist in St Augustine FL. Try this link for a sample column:
            Homer and Edy's had an ambience that has never been matched in my 35 years of exploring LA's restaurant scene.

        2. re: Pantera

          I used to love Orleans, too!!! sad to see it is now a Starbucks now! what is this world coming to?!!!

          I loved their jalapeno muffins, and their blackened prime rib. then I went there one day, and their was a "closed" sign on the door, and a notice saying that the weekly book club will be meeting somewhere else.
          ..All I was trying to do is get a simple good meal!

          the service was classy too, and it was a homey place.. happy munching, everyone......from ellen