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Feb 2, 2008 11:06 AM

Trying to find a place that sells Boscoli olive salad in Los Angeles?

I'm throwing a mardi gras party and one of the dishes I'm making are these little mini muffulettas but I can't find a place that sells Boscoli olive salad and I really don't want to have to order everything online. If anyone knows of a specialty store that would carry that and Pat O'Briens hurricane mix please let me know.

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  1. Claro's might have Boscoli, if not they have another brand that is good. If you want good olive salad without the fed-x surcharge get over to Sorrento's in Culver City. You need to buy the olive salad in a jar, on the north west wall of the market, NOT the stuff in the deli case, get the spicy, it is not that hot, and it is as close to Central Grocery as you can get. I like to make my Muffulettas on rolls from Bay Cities in Santa Monica, i make the night before and then take out in the morning and let them warm up for 3-4 hours, H E A V E N ! Now if you can tell me where to get good fresh baked King Cake in LA, I will call it even. Check Beverage Warehouse in CC/Marina for your Hurricane mix.

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      thank you so much for all the recommendations! I found the Boscoli at Bristol farms and ordered my king cake from Portos.

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        You should really try Sorrento's Olive Salad, I like it a very close second to Central Grocery.

    2. I was going to suggest Claro's as well. I had a Mardi Gras party last year, and made muffaletas, and got all my ingredients at Claros, including the bread, olive salad, cold cuts and cheese, and it was a big success (many of the people at the party had gone to Tulane and they had tasted the real thing!)

      They have several locations around the southland. Here's a link to their webpage:

      As for Hurricane mix, I'd try the Farmer's Market on Fairfax. Maybe they have it at The Gumbo Pot or one of the grocery stores. Here's a link:

      1. A friend once mailed me a jar of Boscoli's from the East coast.

        I found it at Bristol Farms! Enjoy!

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          Maybe Monte Carlo Italian Deli/Market in Burbank on Magnolia?

        2. While way too late to help you for this year's party, you can find all kinds of cajun food here:

          1. Cost Plus World Market also carries Pat O'Brien's Hurricane mix.