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Feb 2, 2008 10:49 AM

tell me a little more about LA Mill!

Do they close at 5? And if I do decide to go around 4, will they be out of most goodies? How long will the wait be if I go around that time and is parking crazy?...on a Saturday or Sunday? What is a must- order?? anything else you want to tell me about this place. Thanks!!

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  1. I think that they have just expanded their hours since they were open before 9 am this morning. The kitchen used to close mid-afternoon but it may be open longer now.

    The last time that I went it was at 2 pm and I just happen to get a table right away since people were starting to leave (this was a week day). There were out of their uber-popular ABLT (Asian BLT).

    There is parking lot in back. Parking on the streets around there has always been a challenge but if you are familiar with the neighborhood you know that you can park in certain spots that are close to the place.

    I love the pots of chemex drip coffee. They have their regular offering coffees and their reserve coffees. The regular ones are incredible so I can image how fabulous the reserve coffees are.

    1. Here are links to a couple of recent threads on LA Mill, which detail food, ambiance, etc.:

      1. I called a couple of days ago to check hours and they open at 7am but the kitchen opens at 9am so only coffee and pastries are available before then. Closed Mondays. Didn't check how late they stay open because we'll be making a morning visit.