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Feb 2, 2008 10:27 AM

Restaurants near the Rome Cavalieri Hilton

Will be staying at the Rome Cavalieri Hilton for five days in February. Any recommendations for dinner somewhere near the hotel? I know the restaurant in the hotel itself is excellent but we are also looking for suggestions nearby. Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. I'm looking for the same information. And preferably something not terribly expensive!

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      I have a vague memory of a piazza and an actual neighborhood not terribly far away, with a bus stop -- go out the gate and to the right. Surely there is a trattoria too. But it's an area that guidebooks or other tourists are unlikely to touch, likewise residents of other parts of Rome. If you're willing to take a bus or taxi not too-too far, you might invesigate the Piazzale Clodio area, which is below Monte Mario, where the Hilton is. Likewise Medaglie d'Oro, Trionfaale, and Balduina neighborhoods. These bourgeois peripheral areas always have decent trattorias to serve locals.

      1. re: mbfant

        The Rome Gambero Rosso has no entry other than the Pergola listed in Monte Mario. You should be able to take a taxi, bus or train to other areas - if you are not satisfied with your choices but Im whether, if you are interesting in eating or the Rome experience you are staying at such a remote location?? rome is such a glorious walking city and its going to limit your dining options a great deal.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Unless one of the contributors to GR lives in Monte Mario (Montemario?), they would be unlikely to list a restaurant there, but that doesn't mean the residents have to take a taxi to via del Corso to eat. Certainly the actual street where the Hilton is located offers nothing, but a short hike to Piazza della Balduina or a ride on the 913 bus to Prati will produce results. Also the Hilton has another restaurant, downstairs, not just La Pergola, and it's fine. But true, one should try to get out.

          Basically I agree that it's not the ideal location, but it is really not that remote if you're willing to pay for taxis or walk 500 m to a bus. The 913 connects to Metro A and I think continues to busy Piazza Cavour, from which it's possible to walk to the center. Also in many ways it's a more typical middle-class Roman experience than the now-touristy throbbing heart of old Rome.

          1. re: mbfant

            One of the things about Gambero Rosso that is noticeable is the very high poportions of the restaurants and stores listed that are outside the historic center - it does remind one that the Romans are mostly eating where they live and thats mostly not in the center, and that tourists are only getting a limited slice of the picture if they dont travel to some of the outer districts. Can you think of restaurants in the more suburban districts that are worth a bus or taxi ride from the center? Someone suggested L'Ortica a few years ago.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Thanks for your responses. As to jen_kalb's question about why we're staying there, we're using Hilton points to stay there several nights and then will move downtown for the bulk of the trip. We're certainly willing to take the bus or metro.

      2. re: laurajoy

        I hope this isn't too late!

        I live in this neighborhood and have eaten well at Sagro del'vino, a family-run trattoria at the beginning of Via Marziale, where it splits from Viale Medaglie D'oro. You will probably walk down Via Tito Livio to a long set of steps that will take you down from to Viale Medaglie D'oro. Via Marziale, 06 39737015. It is always packed with neighborhood folks who have been going their for 5 generations. Portions are generous, and they usually give a complimentary bowl of pasta fagioli even before the primi. They do a few things pretty well. The owners are really sweet, keep in mind that it is is only open for dinner and on the weekdays.

        The pizzeria just up the hill on Medaglie D'oro as you come down the steps from Tito Livio is called Peperoncino Dispettoso. 158 Viale delle Medaglie d'Oro # Telefono: +39 (0)6 3549 8451 It is very good, and you can have your pizza Roman style or the puffier Napoletano style. It is big and generally packed after 8.

        Nuraghe Sardo - the Sardinian place across from Sagro del vino on Medaglie D'oro is ok, but for fish there are better places in Prati, some which are discussed on this site. Osteria Prati is pretty good and Bar Sotto il Mare does some interesting dishes, both on Via Tunisi, a street off the market on Andrea Doria that leads up to Vatican museum entrance. Other more pricey places have been suggested that I have yet to try.

        Don't miss Pizzarium take away pizza near the Cipro stop.

        I always enjoy Osteria del'angelo for a big meal - fixed at 25 euro. (But I am a starving graduate student doing research here on a fellowship in American dollars!!)

        1. re: Pappardelle

          You could follow his process above via Google Earth. Have the following selected: Places of Interest: Dining & Roads. Look for the roads SW of Hilton. You can see the two road merge together by name. If you zoom in, the dinning Icon will appear with the resteraunt name. Keep it at this zoom level and travel the roads and you will see other places to eat.

          Of course I copied Pappardelle text and placed it into my ASUS Eee PC for reference. My ASUS Eee PC will be my nes toy with Google Earth installed. It's my personal Map with everyones photos.. follow the big blue dots and see all the photos.

          1. re: Pappardelle

            Thank you so much for the recommendation of Sagro del'vino. We have been staying at the Rome Cavalieri and took a walk down to this restaurant this evening. It was fantastic! The owners were extremely friendly and fed us great food - starting with antipasti and pasta fagioli, and on to delicious pasta and wonderful meat dishes. And it was very inexpensive! Including wine and everything we ate (they gave us dessert wine and cookies too) it was 26 Euro per person. WOW! I think we'll go back before we leave town.