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Oct 11, 2001 03:28 AM

11 October between LA and SF

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I'm leaving LA tomorrow at around 5 on the first leg of a driving trip to SFO, and want to stop off at a point mid-way where I can dine at a restaurant in the Windows benefit. I'd been aiming for San Luis Obispo but am finding the hotels mostly booked so would be enormously grateful for recommendations for both restaurants and simple accomodations in the vicinity.

I won't be able to check this board after around 3 pm so will especially appreciate ideas posted before that time.

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  1. Since you're shooting for SLO, can I assume you'll be driving north on Highway 101? I have 4 suggestions for restaurants, 2 in Templeton and 2 in Paso Robles. In Templeton, I'd recommend either the 730 Bistro, or Ian McPhees Grill. Both are on Main street (don't worry, Templeton is pretty much a one-street town). Northbound on 101, exit at Vineyard, turn right, then left at the first stop--you'll be on Main. Both restaurants are on the left. My first choice would be 730 Bistro, but both are excellent.

    In Paso, the best 2 restaurants are Bistro Laurent, and Villa Creek. Both are on the main square (across the street from each other) in the center of town. Bistro Laurent is a bit fancier, Villa Creek has a better wine list, both have great food.

    All 4 of these are not just "pretty good for the central coast"--they are really excellent restaurants that would be well regarded even if they were located in LA or SF.

    Can't help much on accomodations in these towns, but I'd think reasonably priced hotels/motels shouldn't be hard to find in Paso. I doubt there's much in Templeton except maybe some motor lodges near 101.

    Have a good trip!

    1. Hi Deborah, Take a look at this link to an earlier post, have a good trip, Tanya