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Feb 2, 2008 10:08 AM

Looking for a GOOD restaurant for a group of 10 somewhere in the West Valley...

Can anyone recommend a really good restaurant anywhere from Sherman Oaks to Westlake Village that would be good for a group of 10 pp? I moved here from NYC 2 years ago and am still struggling with the restaurants out here! The group has a bunch of foodies, including a chef, in it. Help!

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  1. Pinot Bistro could probably accomodate you. Good food, nice civilized atmosphere. Max is wonderful, but a small space and not sure if the have a separate room for larger parties. But you could call and check. I keep reading good comments about Boneyard Bistro...not quite as high end, but it sounds like fun.

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      Sort of not in the OP's area

    2. If you are interested in steakhouses, check out Ruth's Chris (my favorite) or Flemings, both in Woodland Hills.

      1. Gorikee, Roy's, Alcazar, Sushi 4 on 6, Il Tiramisu, Sushi house of Taka (call ahead), Hummous Bar, Jindo, Gio, Fleming's, La Frite, More than Waffles (breakfast), Chili My Soul (not a lot of atmosphere, but good Chili) Woodlands Pure Veggie Indian, Clay Oven, Aroma Bakery and Cafe (the Tarzana One)

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          It might help to know price range. Are you looking for a high-end dinner or something more casual?

          On the casual side, I second Gorikee, Alcazar, La Frite (there is one in Sherman Oaks and another in Woodland Hills), and Woodlands. I would not recommend Gio, Il Tiramisu, Clay Oven, or Aroma.

          Spumoni in Sherman Oaks is a small, neighborhood Italian restaurant with good pastas and the best bolognese sauce in the city. I'm not sure how they would seat 10, but it might be an option.

          Simon's is a wonderful Moroccan restaurant on Sepulveda, just south of Ventura Blvd. If you search the board, you will find some good comments.

          Cafe Bizou and Stanley's are also old standbys. The food is solid, not spectacular. The price is reasonable, however, and they can easily handle groups of your size.

          On the very casual side -- i.e., counter service -- Chili My Soul has good chilis. However, it has a very small eating area and might be hard to fit 10.

          Roy's is good, but the Woodland Hills branch does not compare to the one downtown. If your guests are at all familiar with Roy's, I would recommend skipping it.

          For sushi, I think Sushi 4 on 6 is one of the most overrated sushi bars on this board. It is a good, neighborhood sushi joint, but they are a dime-a-dozen in the Valley. If you want fabulous fish -- but at a price -- I recommend Sushi Iki in Tarzana. The cuts of fish are excellent, but they are very large and the choices are somewhat limited. I am not a fan of Katsu-Ya, but if you were looking for a place that specializes in non-traditional rolls, the branch in Encino might be an option. Katsu-Ya is hip, so that might be a selling point.

          Now, if you wanted a high-end dinner, I would urge you to go to Max in Sherman Oaks. It is probably the best restaurant in the Valley. The food is Asian fusion and rarely disappoints. My friends who are Westside snobs (i.e., nothing in the Valley is ever as good as on the Westside) had to concede that Max would be one of the top restaurants in West LA.

          Another high-end option is the new Arnie Morton's in Woodland Hills. I had dinner there are few weeks ago and it was excellent.

          There was a positive report on a new place in Encino called Vino. You might want to look at the report:

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            Chili My SOul expanded to the space next doo over a year ago and will seat 10. It isn't really atmospheric, but it works, and the chili and chili based dishes are amazing.

            I agree on Katsu, Ya..eew. I like 4 on 6, I find it amazing. For good but not so pricey sushi (still $$, just not $$$ like IKI) I go to Sushi House of Taka. 10 in a sushi bar is a bit of a push, though.

            Simon's is fabulous, but tight. 10 would have a great time there, but it might be tight!

            I happen to fuind Spumoni gross, but to each their own. I love Il Tiramisu for the fine food, $5 corkage, and fabulous service.

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              Re Chili My Soul. I am aware that it expanded into the cantina (it was several years ago). However, the tables are tiny, and there are not many of them. While the room is large enough for a group of 10, I'm not sure how they would configure the tables to fit a larger group. I have never seen a group of more than three in there. I should have made it clearer that it was more a question of arranging the tables.

              Personally, as much as I like Chili My Soul, it is not a place that I would take a group of foodies looking for a very good meal.

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                They did it for me. A good meal for foodies doesn't always have to be fancy. Some of the best food I have had comes from tiny little places.

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            Great choices, but beware, Aroma Bakery gets very very crowded. Evenings are a happening. Check ahead if you want to go there, first. (great place, great prices!)

          3. I forgot about Brandywine. It's a small Continental-type restaurant on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills, somewhere west of Topanga. I also like Le Sanglier in Tarzana, about 1/2 block south of Ventura Blvd. I don't remember the street it's on, but it's west of Reseda Blvd.

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            1. Gorikee's in Woodland Hills

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                Beware that Gorikee is being sold to a non-Japanese buyer, so things may be changing very soon.