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Feb 2, 2008 10:07 AM

Dried honey powder?

I recently came upon a company that was selling something it called "dried honey"--honey from which the moisture had been removed, and which was now a powder, which (the demonstrator claimed) could be used just like regular granulated sugar, except you could use less of it.

Does anyone have any info on this?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I get it at a Korean grocery a lot, and it is great for tea. Dissolves well in cold tea and lemon/limeade. Haven't really cooked with it much, or seen it in recipes. It seems like a good product.

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      1. re: trentyzan

        Yes, Koreans use it a lot for tea. I prefer regular honey, though.

      2. No I haven't heard of this but thanks for bringing it to my attention! What would be the benefit versus regular honey? (i.e. in tea where you're just restoring moisture anyway)

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        1. re: Chew on That

          Well, unlike liquid honey, it dissolves in cold liquids.

        2. Hello
          I have used this in recipes and also in cosmetic recipes, it is very versatile. I bought mine from ebay.

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          1. re: DONNA SIMS

            In recipes do you use it as a substitute for granulated sugar or for liquid honey?

          2. Has anyone located PURE dried honey anywhere? I would love to hear any details about where you found this.

            I follow a strict diet for health reasons (well, except right now, because I'm pregnant and eating whatever I want) and honey is the only sweetener allowed. I have seen honey powders in the past but they have always been mixed with dextrose or maltodextrin or other things that are not allowed on my diet.

            For me the benefit would be to use it in baking, both for textural reasons and for ease of measuring. Sometimes you don't want all the liquid from regular honey in your recipe.

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            1. re: butterfat

              Try They advertise their honey powder to be 100% dried honey with no additives. I've had really good luck with their products.

              1. re: rosepoint

                100% Natural, NOT 100% honey.

                From the website ( ):

                "A process of co-crystallization with refinery syrup produces this free-flowing tasty honey powder. "

              2. re: butterfat

                Surprise! The San Francisco Herb Co. is from whence I get my honey powder!

                1. re: butterfat

                  You can buy it online from: (I found it in Walmart in their food storage section too.)