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famous dave's barbecue and ribs

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looking for thumbs up/down feedback.

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  1. I like Famous Dave's. I love ribs, and I think theirs are pretty decent. My DH likes their brisket, and their corn muffins are pretty darn good. We've gotten their big platter (the All American Feast, I think it's called) to go a few times, it serves a bunch of people and provides a nice selection of items.

    1. I vote thumbs down. Not horrible, but not great by any means. I think it's a little pricey for being sub-par BBQ. If it's your only choice, then go ahead... but if you can find a little hole in the wall BBQ place, skip it.

      1. Famous Dave's is pretty good, certainly not as good as little BBQ joints in the Texas hill country, but certainly acceptable. DH likes the pulled pork sandwich with the onion strings. As previously stated, the corn muffins are darn good and the coleslaw is spicy and good.

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          I have several Famous Daves around here with the only other convenient options being Smokey Bones or Leroy Selman's. I have never been to Famous Daves, but have visited the others.
          For anyone who has been, how does Famous Daves compare to those two?

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            IMO, Daves is much better than Smokey Bones. I think Smokey Bones is dreadful. I've never tried Selmans.

        2. Famous Dave's opened here a few weeks ago. Not too impressed with it. I'd say their ribs have been the best of their meats that I've had. I do think their sauce is good and that elevates their meats.

          1. I personally like Famous Dave's. I prefer their St. Louis style better than the Baby Backs. The sides are good, Whenever I bring someone for the first time, they all seem to like it and the experience comes up in later discussions. If I were in the Midwest, I would probably look for a local favorite, but here in New Jersey, the BBQ is better than most private sector restaurants.

            1. We have one very near our house. We actually picked up take out today to take to my parents and watch the game.

              It's not the best BBQ on the planet but not the worst either. We have few options around our house for good BBQ and this is the best of what's in the immediate area. We usually get the ribs as we did tonight. I like their cole slaw, their beans don't do much for me. I agree the corn muffins aren't bad either. We order take out more than we eat in but when we do eat in we usually split something or go at lunch and have a lunch special as this seems to be one of these places where the portions are ridiculously large.

              1. thumbs down,

                not inedible, but not very good either. But then again I am spoiled, I have a smoker, and know how to use it, and have a couple of really good bbq places in Chicago(Honey 1 & Smoque).

                1. There's one in Kansas City, KS by the NASCAR track and a GIANT Furniture store. My wife loves it and we have to eat there every time we go out there. I'm not impressed. The ribs just aren't very good. There's way better in KC, way better, really. The fried catfish is pretty good though, fries are decent, and we've always been treated very well there.

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                    I live in Toronto Canada and we are deprived of any good place for ribs. Can you tell me which american chain does good bbq as sometimes I go to the States.

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                      Do yourself a favor, if you are going to spend the time and money to come down here for good authentic 'Q, do not look for it at a chain. Cruise the local Chowhound board for the area in the U.S. you will be visiting and look for previous 'Q discussion, or post a query on a local board for reccos.

                      I don't know about Famous Dave's, but I think if you hang all day long and all night outside a Tony Roma's, a Claimjumper or a Houston's, which all claim to sell BBQ, you would never smell or see smoke. Pay a visit, especially in the early part of the day, to a real 'Q joint, which usually means independent, single location, and you will see and smell smoke, a sure sign of real BBQ.

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                        I'm a Torontonian as well, and when we go on our fairly frequent shopping trips to Buffalo, Famous Dave's is one place the whole family agrees on. I have no doubt that there is better BBQ available in Texas (Sonny Bryant's in Dallas was great!), KC, the Carolinas, etc., but for the Great White North, Dave's isn't bad.

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                          Thanks. I won't be going anywhere in the States aside from Buffalo so I figured that was a good bet.

                    2. --- fort myers, florida report.

                      --- second hand, but from my fireman nephew who knows his food (and who isn't very effusive in praise -- hard to impress, in other words!) also, my sister and BIL similarly raved. trust me, VERY picky -- esp. on meats.

                      --- from a catered birthday party about 3 weeks ago.

                      1. brisket -- not ordinarily his favorite (or mine, for that matter) was FANTASTIC!
                      2. st. louis style ribs -- very good.
                      (i heard the report while in the hospital with my mom, so i didn't "grill" my nephew.)

                      i live in arlington, va., and have been to one in vienna, va., another dc 'burb. a friend treated me, and we got ribs. it was several years ago, and i've never been back. 'nuff said.

                      i think they are like the sonny's bbq chain in the south. some are great, and others....not so much!