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poppa murphys pizza?? good concept??

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for those not familiar, they prepare a raw pizza to order and you bake it at home for maximum freshness. they are here in the minneapolis area.

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  1. We got pizza from them fairly often in Seattle. We liked them quite a bit.

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      Ditto, when we were in the Seattle area we'd pick up from them as well.

      They opened one near our house in Phoenix within the last couple years. We didn't like it as well....maybe with growth the quality has gone down?

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        Sure could be. I checked out their website and it appears they're growing very quickly and franchising aggressively. I have no idea how they handle sourcing ingredients, so that could be an issue as well I suppose.

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          it is always a ?? as to how expansion affects quality.

    2. A former coworker of mine just opened a PM here in Greater Cincinnati. I haven't gotten a pie yet but from what I'm hearing, he can't' keep up with demand. It would be a good option for me as I keep rather strange hours.

      1. If you're a pizza snob who only likes pizza that strictly adheres to a certain style (New York style, Neopolitan, etc.), you'll hate it, but it's quite good if you like pizza in general. The crust, though just medium thickness, has more of a focaccia-like texture.

        1. Don't forget to get a card. Everytime you buy a pie, they stamp to date. Buy ten pies and the next one is free

          1. The standard pizza is pretty boring. Not bad, just boring. The pies that use the Garlic sauce instead of the red, are better. The Gourmet garlic chicken, and the new artichoke bacon and whatever, are better than anything Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa Johns, could ever conceive of. It is the only chain pie I will eat.

            1. IMO....these are excellent pizzas! TONS of cheese, and great tasting.....and you can't beat the price! You would pay almost the same for some frozen pizza crap in the store to take home (i.e. Freshetta ,etc.)

              1. There are two in the STL area. The one time I picked up one it was fine. My biggest complaint is the lack of a decent box to take it home. They're not cheap, and with all the money they're saving without cooking them you'd think they could afford a simple box instead of having it flop around. I haven't been back -- they're not *that* good.

                1. Ours closed 3 months after it opened. The stuff was awful.

                  1. Papa Murphy's is very good for the price, especially with the MANY coupons. Anyone paying full price is not looking hard enough. The sauce and toppings are the best, with the crust being only average. Their deLite pizzas can come out nice if cooked properly, but I wish they still had their decadent pan pizzas. The stuffed pizzas are just a monstrosity and are hard to cook well.

                    The cookies and cheese bread usually come out very good. The specialty pizzas are a much better taste than regular toppings - especially the Cowboy or All Meat. Try to find the coupons in your mail or paper.

                    1. I don't understand the concept. Take the pizza home and cook it. If I am going to do that, why not stop at any of the groceries, warehouse clubs or the like and pick up their uncooked pizza which is a fraction of the cost?

                      Also, making good pizza requires that you have a good oven. Nearly all pizzerias have a good pizza oven. My home oven really stinks when baking off pizza.

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                        Fresh made with everything I want and nothing I don't beats a frozen pie any day. Hot out of my own oven as opposed to delivered snd maybe hot/maybe not speaks for itself.

                        You're also overlooking the fact that you can use foodstamps to buy a take out pizza from PM's.

                        1. re: Scrapironchef

                          Most of the grocery stores offer fresh pizzas ....

                          >>You're also overlooking the fact that you can use foodstamps to buy a take out pizza from PM's.<<

                          Wow, that is a real selling point. A poor use of teh stamps.

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                            Why is it a poor use of foodstamps? People on foodstamps have to eat too, and the cost of a Papa Murphys pizza with their online coupons is within a dollar or two of buying a Freshetta or Digornio pizza at the grocery store.

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                              Yeah, but those taste better than PM.

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                                That's a subjective judgement, I'm not a huge of PM's but there are people out there that think fresh tastes better than frozen.

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                                And you get much more for what you pay. I'll get 3, maybe 4 meals out of a large PM pizza and only 2 at most from a Digornio.

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                                Regardless of the questionability of the use of the stamps, it does account for the popularity in some areas.

                                As to grocery stores, the selection is not as great nor are they made to order.

                          2. How do their prices compare with all the chains where you purchase a prepared pizza? Does it save you much money to bake it yourself?

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                              In my experience, with coupons, the prices are about half that of Papa John's or Pizza Hut for a large pizza.

                            2. I swear by their deLite crust. They are promoted as "lo-carb," but don't let that deter you. It has a superthin cracker crust that I love. It's the only chain pizza I eat. (I also never eat frozen.)

                              1. I like their pizza fresh from the oven, but it doesn't reheat well for leftovers. I know, I know, eat it all in one sitting, and that's not a problem...
                                Their cheesy-bread's pretty good, haven't tried the dessert pizza. But when I'm eating pizza, I don't generally want a dessert.

                                1. Papa Murphy's is huge in Salt Lake City. I think it's very good for take and bake. I tried a lot of sit down places and basically gave up. PM is at least consistent and very reasonably priced.

                                  1. Funny story - my wife walked into a PM once and had no idea of the concept. She did not even own an oven at the time! Imagine her surprise when they handed her an uncooked pie that she couldn't use.

                                    1. We loved getting pizza at PM when we lived in Minnesota... since then we've lived in Maryland and Virginia and neither place had a PM. We always purchased the family sized pizzas and loved getting a freebee every couple of months! Sure wish we had one here.