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Oct 11, 2001 02:17 AM

Vito's Pizza

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Vito's has some good pizza for anyone on the lookout for a new pizza fix. It's an LACC hangout, being as it is basically across the street from the college. Inside the small storefront are the requisites pictures on the wall of Old Blue Eyes and other celebrities. But the pizza is where it counts. Kind of greasy and kind of extra cheessy but still very good. Try the slice with fried eggplant on it. Overall, some good NY style pizza.

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  1. Is this the place on Ocean Ave?

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    1. re: PHIL

      When did they put L A City College on Ocean Ave.? It wasn't there this morning.

      1. re: Just Larry

        it's the one on Vermont between Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd.

        1. re: Just Larry

          This is my favorite New York style pizza place. Grecos New York Pizza on Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks is another great pizza. Get it by the slice.

      2. I'm assuming the the one on Vermont.....

        1. IMHO Vito's has spoiled all of the other pizza in LA. Nothing else comes close.

          1. Vito's uses canned mushrooms on their pizzas. That to me is an unforgiveable crime. I can't get past it.

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            1. re: Jenji

              Canned mushrooms? I love canned mushrooms on pizza!
              I'm there!

            2. r
              Richard Gould-Saltman

              Is it "gourmett"? Nah. Can you get arugula and artesianal goat cheese on your pizza there? I don't believe so. I don't doubt the allegation of canned mushrooms, either. BUT.... Is is pretty darn good N.Y. pizza by an independent in a town overwhelmed by chain pizza on every corner? Yes. Do I wish every neighborhood in LA had a similar place, even if, as in NY, they were all called something like "Ray's"? Yes.

              My 11 year old major pizza hound son agrees too, though he thinks that "Hard Times Pizza" on Hyperion in Silverlake runs a close second to Vito's, and stays in business literally 50 yards from a Pizza Hut...