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Feb 2, 2008 09:00 AM

Farm Fresh Eggs

Does anyone know where I can get farm fresh local eggs in Park Slope? I am a member of a CSA but it only provides fresh vegetables not eggs. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, I would be very interested in teaming up with a group (preferably in the south Park Slope) and a local farm to do a poultry share (eggs, chicken etc.).

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  1. Try the GAP greenmarket on Saturday mornings -- Flying Pigs Farm, Arcadian Pastures, and Tello's Green Farm all sell farm fresh eggs produced by free range chickens. I haven't had eggs from Flying Pigs, but I've bought eggs from both Arcadian and Tello's. Of those two, I'd recommend Tello's -- $4 for a dozen jumbo, and the difference in quality (taste, texture and strength) between those eggs and anything you can buy in a supermarket is astounding.

    If you still want to form an egg share, I'm definitely interested. What CSA do you belong to?

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      love love love the eggs from tello's. she's also at the union square greenmarket one day and (when it's up and running), the jackson heights version. when summer rolls in, she has some nice tomatoes as a bonus,

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        Thanks for the recommendations. I am part of the Greenwood Heights CSA which unfortunately does not offer eggs. I think we would need to create our own share if we wanted eggs.

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          Aha! What do you think of the Greenwood Heights CSA? I've been trying to decide between that and the Park Slope CSA... am 90% sure I'm joining Greenwood.

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            We are in the Cobble Hill CSA (tuesday pickup) One reason was that Dines Farms sells at the pickup site. They are good but I wish they were 100% grass fed beef. The eggs and poultry are good. Though admittedly we usually get Murray's Chicken from Fairway.

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              We had a 1/2 share in the Greenwood Heights CSA last year. I thought that they had excellent and tasty veggies (particularly their beets, zucchini, carrots and tomatoes). Unfortunately, they don't have any fruit and tend to be a bit skimpy on their distributions of herbs (not enough for dinner for two) but maybe that's because the herbs were a freebie that they threw in and not meant to be part of the distribution. It's really too bad that they don't have eggs, meat or poultry. We also get Murray's Chicken from Fairway and have tried D'Artagnon chickens as well (a little more flavorful but much more expensive) but we still haven't found truly free range eggs available at Fairway (hence my question).

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                We were quit happy with the Cobble Hill CSA. My wife and I both work in the city and so we could stop there on the way home on the F train. We got strawberries the first week or maybe 2 but because it was so wet they were a little moldy but quite tasty We got fresh herbs a few times. We still have some thyme I dried. in the cubard

                I can't bring myself to try the D'Artagnon. Not only the cost but they are also selling foi gras and who knows what else

      2. Depending on how deep into the Slope you're located, you might also consider getting Tello's eggs from the Ft Greene Greenmarket on Saturdays.