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Feb 2, 2008 08:13 AM

Chili with diced chuck instead of ground

How much longer will it take to cook up chili w/ small diced chuck vs ground chuck? I'll be trying out Carroll Shelby's chili mix for the first time. His instructions are to simmer the 2-lbs of ground beef mixture for approx 15 mins., add another hour?

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  1. I'd simmer the chuck for a good 40 min before adding it to the chili. Next time though you should leave tired old Shelby behind and construct you own Chili mix. It's not that hard to do and the results will be quite rewarding.

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      I used to use the 'Two Alarm' chili kit quite a bit. Now I grind or puree my own dried chiles (like ancho, aji panca, etc); but the kit is a perfectly good way to get started. Later you can get your own cumin, and Mexican oregano, and experiment with a variety of peppers.

      When using diced chuck, I try to allow 2 or even 3 hours of preparation. Better yet, prepare in the evening when there isn't a time constraint, and let it 'age' overnight in the fridge. Once the meat is tender, there is not harm in letting it cook over low heat for another hour. So it is better to allow too much time than too little.


    2. Many Super Bowls ago, I tried the "chili meat" from the local butcher, coarse ground chuck. I think I used Shelby's mix (comes in a small brown paper bag) Tried to serve it at half time and was still "crunchy", it probably simmered for an hour.

      You want to apply enough low heat to melt the collagen. Using ~1.5" cubes of chuck takes me over 3 hours.

      FWIW, I make chili the day before, chill and remove fat, then reheat. I have been using Tyler Florence's method/recipe.

      1. BEST. SUPERBOWL. EVER!!! Oh, almost forgot, I cooked the chili mixture for 1-1/2 hrs the day before, reheated and added the canned pintos today and cooked for another half hour and it came out perfectly -- like the game!