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Oct 10, 2001 07:21 PM

Sixth Street Bistro (& Wine By The Glass)

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I had an opportunity to lunch at Sixth Street Bistro in San Pedro this afternoon (354 West 6th St., San Pedro - 310-521-8818) and was surprised by a number of changes.

First off, they changed their menu and have added a whole page of Tapas (22 of them, to be exact). I didn't get an opportunity to TRY any unfortunately, but I will definitely be going back for them. They range from $4.00 to $8.00 and are definitely not your traditional tapas. A brief listing:

Grilled Grape Leaves
Chicken Wontons
Spanish Sausage
Roman Style Olives
Pan-Fried Mozzarella
Mediterranean Calzone
Tequila Seafood Roll
Panko Shrimp
Chicken Mole

The other change (which pleased me to no end!) was their wine list. They used to have a pretty decent wine-by-the-glass list as I was happy to get Rabbit Ridge there. Now, their wine list includes 10 to 15 reds and 10 to 15 whites in total, but -- and here is the caveat -- almost the entire list can be ordered by the glass! I had a lovely '98 Eberle Cabernet which runs $36 a bottle on their list. What they wouldn't open for me was a $60 Stag's Leap. But that's okay. I was pretty pleased with the idea that I could order almost everything else...

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  1. the whole question of wine by the glass bugs me. i love to find good wines by the glass, but the pricing is often out of this world. i ate lunch at pinot bistro at the library downtown yesterday and the glass of cline zinfandel i had with my roast chicken (blah, mealy, chicken) was almost $9. that's a wine that retails for about $8.50 a bottle. of course, that's a pinot restaurant and you kind of expect to get nailed, but still ...

    one exception to this that everyone might not know about is phillipe's. yes, the french dip place. they've got a great by-the-glass wine list at really good prices. they almost always have silver oak cab at about $10, it seems to me.

    1. The Bistro is one of my favorite local eat places! Now they need to work on getting better stems, if they haven't already. Moreover, any restaurant that has a solid wine by the glass program needs to invest in a wine preservation system. I hate ordering a wine by the glass and the wine is flat and flabby because it was open 9 hours ago.