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Feb 2, 2008 08:07 AM

Vetri for V-Day

My wife and I are traveling up from DC to Philly the weekend of Feb. 15th. We have reservations at Vetri that Saturday night (tasting menu).

A few questions:

1 - I will eat basically anything, but my wife does not eat red meat (except in very small bites), and certainly not offal. If call ahead and explain her restrictions will/can she be accomodated?

2 - I look forward to the goat, but is there anything else special that I should be sure to try?

Any other thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. I did this last summer with my dad (who doesn't eat beef) and it was no problem. There is a relatively wide assortment of options, and you tell the host at the beginning of you have any preferences/restrictions. The goat was fantastic, as was the sweet onion crepe and the spinach gnocchi. Actually it was unbelievably good through and through, but those are the only 3 things that are mainstays of his menu. Just enjoy it and have a great time in the hands of a great chef.

    1. I just had the pleasure of dinner this past Saturday at Vetri, tasting menu of course. When you are seated at Vetri, they will bring you a menu of the evening's offerings and then return a few moments later to ask about allergies, restrictions and strong likes or dislikes. Let me just add my two cents here that if you are going to enjoy something anywhere it will likely be at Vetri - so don't dwell too much on the "I don't think I'll likes". Case in point from Saturday's menu: Pigs feet ravioli - absolutely amazingly good. Incredibly rich, robust pork. Small portion, no visable hooves! So good when the couple next to us started to tell the server he wasn't interested in pigs feet, and then made eye contact with my SO, she told him how wonderful they were. He had a change of heart and toasted us when they arrived. There were plenty of vegetable and fish dishes on the menu Saturday, no need to call ahead
      And since I am posting, the stuffed cabbage was also wonderful - cannaroli rice, castelmango cheese and black trumpet mushrooms. Another dish I thought, oh wasting Marc on stuffed cabbage. Wrong again! The onion crepes and spinach gnocci were, as always, wonderful, as was the goat - which honestly has disappointed me on an occassion or two. Fettucinni with Nantucket scallops and hedgehog mushrooms were light and delicios. Buratta cheese with house cured copa was good. Lasagne - meat sauce, bechamel - again, oh all the way to Vetri for lasagne - YES!! The veal duo - a loin roasted med rare and sliced and a veal sausage meatball with parsnip, turnip, onion and moutarde - literally had me gripping the edges of my table.

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        forgot 3 important points - The 3rd possible entree (goat, veal) was cod with clementines and endive - we did not get to sample it. Even the amuse bouche (sp?) was changed for a person with a seafood allergy (we had house cured trout with a fingerling potato, the allergic person had duck pastrami). and finally, they have an optional cheese course for an additional price OR you can substitute the cheese course for dessert, which for me, since I do not eat sweets, was a wonderful option and it was a lovely selection.

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          Thanks for the wonderful report! Can't wait to get back there again. And yes, we try everything.

        2. I was amazed when I called Vetri several months ago. I am a vegetarian and they said they could cook vegetarian, vegan and kosher food. Unfortunately, they didn't have a table!

          1. My husband and I dined at Vetri last Friday for the first time. We got reservations less than a week ahead of time. I think the trick is...go early. We had 6 pm reservations and there were several tables empty till about 7 pm. Anyway, I digress. It was a relatively expensive meal and the portions were kind of on the small side. But I can tell you that everything we put in our mouths was exceptional. And by the time we finished our meal, we were just full enough. I think large portions are overrated anyway. I would prefer having tastes of multiple courses including dessert. When the portions are too large, I never can make it to dessert.
            The sommalier was very knowledgable and we had a wonderful bottle of white Italian wine for $50 that was perfect with our meal. The service was excellent. It is a little crowded because it is small but it is not noisy. We ordered off the menu so I cannot speak to the tasting menu specifically. We had the stuffed cabbage, the sweet onion crepe, beet and ricotta ravioli, and the salt crusted roasted branzini fish with roasted brussel sprouts. Dessert was chestnut napolean and chocolate polenta dessert. I just don't think you can go wrong with anything based on the quality of the food we ate. I can't wait to go back and put myself into the chef's hands with the tasting menu. Have a wonderful evening.