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Feb 2, 2008 07:09 AM

Places with kid's play areas?

We have a very active nine-month old and we're looking for places that have play areas specifically for kids. We know that a bunch of fast food places have them but the only interesting place in the area that seems to offer one is Urban Burger in Rockville. (We live near Dulles, so its a trek.) Can anyone think of any others, particularly in the Northern Virginia area?

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  1. Although I believe Generous George's does not have a play area-it is extremely kid friendly so if your active little one has lots of energy, he/she will be in good company.It has something for the whole family.

    1. From our experience, the traditional play areas aren't all that great for kids until they're at least 2 - younger than that they tend to get pushed around and run over.

      For a good while yet, explore Asian places, which are generally very accepting and friendly to kids. Some of the small Latino places also show more acceptance and friendliness. A couple of other specifics that have done well by us is Jimmy's, as well as Tortilla Factory, both in Herndon. Teocalli Tamale, also in Herndon, is a draw for families.

      We've also done well by going at the very early part of dinner or lunch, or late part of lunch, when crowds are thin, and then just being creative otherwise (looking for shapes in everything, even the floor tiles). Btwn ages 1 & 2, you may end up needing just to trade off a bit to take the kidlet outside to run every few minutes.

      1. Tyson's Corner Food Court.

        1. This will still be a hike for you, but Paradiso Italian Restaurant in the Franconia section of Alexandria has a supervised kids room. Details here:

          1. Joes Crab Shack in Fair Lakes has a small play area for kids. Its a family oriented restaurant. Food is definitely not gourmet but if you just want a place that will keep you from starving and will let the kidlet run around, it might do. There used to be one up on Rt 7 near Dulles Town Center, but it closed.