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Feb 2, 2008 06:37 AM

New in Gloucester

Anyone been to the new restaurant where McTs used to be?

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  1. It's called Latitude 43 and I have not been there yet. The buzz around town is mixed, but they are new and need to be given the slack that any new establishment deserves. They are owned by a local group who have another Gloucester restaurant and a Manchester rest. Lat 43 has a large sushi pit that was their big hurrah but one of the 2 sushi chefs reportedly left. The reports of the sushi are great. The rest of the menu is very large and quite an undertaking. The food reviews are as mixed as the demographics in Gloucester. They are offering everything from chowder to sushi to steak tips on salad to full entrees. It's a beautiful building in a great location. I would also love to hear from someone who has tried it. I'll give them a few months to iron out the new kinks before I review.

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      Do you find the building very odd looking? It looks like it was built inside out. Or Tinker Toy. I'm not against interesting architecture but downtown Gloucester does not have a lot of buildings with giants bolts on the outside.

    2. Anyone go yet?

      Signed, Too Timid to Try

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        Almost but, went to LaTarattoria instead. Not hearing anything isn't good, you know, NO NEWS IS NOT GOOD NEWS!

      2. I did -- went this past Saturday evening. There are 2 very distinct areas, the pub/tavern area and the dining room. They are removed from each other by a hallway and have completely different look/feel.

        The pub is basic tavern style. There's the bar that maybe seats about 20 and tables and booths on the outskirts and also some tables in a small separate room. There is a single pool table that seems unnecessary & a bit out of place.

        The dining room side also has a bar, the sushi pit, and overall is pretty large. I cannot believe how big this place seems inside based on what it looks like from outside. I do think the outside design is kind of odd looking but I very much like the dining room inside.

        OK, now the food. DC & I split a spicy scallop roll sushi app. It was good except the nori is weird in that it does not bite off. If you can't eat the piece in one bite it will fall apart becuase the nori does not break on the bite. He had paella ($25) & I had the Cioppino (also $25). Both were good, not great. They seem to have most of the right ingredients but there was also something lacking, maybe the fresh zing of herbs or something. Just seemed like with the fish involved in each that they could/should have been better.

        Both the tavern and the restaurant were both packed early on a Saturday evening and they don't (at least not yet) take reservations. Service seemed pleasant and efficient for the most part, maybe a little green. As noted, the menu tries to cover alot of ground:

        I will probably try it again in a few months, maybe for lunch out on the deck.

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          I am waiting to try Lat43 as with most of thier restaurants I believe it is going to take them a while to get it right. I didnt really enjoy Alchemy until this past spring and now find myself really looking forward to lunch there (last time I was in town they were closed)- still not very big on thier dinner. Calas is alright and I was really dissapointed with Indigo (the drinks were amazing but the food was....). I also heard they are opening a new restaurant in Beverly Farms... I'm nervous this is going to strech them a little to thin and really hurt the all of thier restaurants- I just want Alchemy to stay in its current- one of my favorite Gloucester lunch spots- state.

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            Thanks, nice report. Based on your some what disappointing comments and the price point of your dinners, they probably should have been great meals. I checked out their menu a tad pricey for Gloucester. Given there are so many other choices in the area, it may take a while for me to get there.

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              You are a bold adventurer, SEH! Thanks for the very helpful report and menu link. If I sit on their deck, I might weep for McT's.

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                Wow, a fried seafood platter for $20? I'll just go to Amelia's.

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                  or Causway! I know pretty pricey fried seafood.