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Feb 2, 2008 06:12 AM

La Scala in Philly

Can anyone give me feedback on LaScala on Broad Street? All the reviews I've seen so far have been very mixed w/most saying the pizza's ok but steer clear of the pasta dishes. My parents have made reservations here for my dad's b-day & we're driving down from new york, which makes the prospect of bad italian all the more depressing. oh, yeah, my husband's Sicilian so it will be that much worse if this is no good (my family's not Italian).


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  1. This is not a destination restaurant. My husband ate here without me and he was not at all impressed. If it's a special day and you have a little time, try to get a reservation at Osteria. If not Osteria, then Melograno or Matyson, which are among the best of our BYO's. With such a wealth of Italian restaurants in this town, there's no reason to drive down from NYC for one that's not the best.

    1. i've actually never been to la scala but i haven't heard much mention around here. for italian, i've had good luck with modo mio (my fave), il cantuccio, la locanda del ghiottone, criniti and marra's - the last two being more casual places. modo mio is definitely where i'd go for a special meal, though i've been there so much lately it's more like a regular occurrance than a special occasion. so good. very modern, though, and salty. the chef reminds me of a toned-down mario batali for some reason, very friendly and jovial. cash only and BYO.

      osteria is next up to try on my italian food list.

      1. I also haven't been and haven't heard anything much one way or the other. There is so much great Italian in Philly, though, that it seems a shame to take a chance for your special occasion. I second Osteria if you can get a reservation. Branzino and Salento are very good and take reservations, though you should know they are BYO. Some of the other good places (including, I think, Melograno) don't take reservations.