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looking for a place near yonge/college

I'm taking a few people out and we're going to end up in this area. What's a good recommendation for casual dining around here that is tasty, and reasonably priced. I don't really go to this area, so help would be appreciated!


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  1. I work right at this corner, although only for the past month, so I don't yet know all the places. A few I'd recommend:

    Pogue Mahone's (in the College Park complex -- south side of College, halfway between Yonge and Bay)
    Fran's Bistro (north side of College, also halfway between Yonge and Bay)
    Bb33 (in the Delta Chelsea hotel, Gerrard & Yonge, two blocks south of College)

    Can't think of any more at the moment, but I'll try to remember to ask around at work.

    1. There really aren't that many tasty places at that intersection as is made evident by voodoo's post.

      Hubby's worked in that 'hood for several years now. We always end up at Daio, not just because we like good sushi which it very definitely has but also because well... that's it folks. Don't be fooled by the link to their take-out menu. The dine in menu offers plenty of options for those who do and those who don't partake of raw fish.

      1. Yeah that whole area from Yonge and Dundas is a little like a culinary black hole isn't it?

        In any case Hair of the Dog on Church just a bit north of College/Carlton is a great bar to relax and hang out. They're one of the better places I know of for pub food and do a great burger. My friends have liked the their quesadillas and pastas too. There's a good variety and prices are decent.

        Hair Of The Dog
        425 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y2C3, CA

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          Love Kathmandu Restaurant (www.kathmandurestaurant.ca) stay away from the buffet but the a la carte menu is great. My favourites are the Lamb Sali Boti (cooked with spices, almonds and dried apricots) and the butter chicken.

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            second the kathmandu - always great affordable indian fare, good service. not a place for an after-work drink, though.

        2. I like Korean House BBQ. It may not suit the vegetarians if there are any in the group but you can have a fun time grilling your own meats, etc.

          1. A little north of Yonge and College is Fire on the East Side. I think that would fit what you are looking for. www.fireontheeastside.ca

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              F.o.t.E.S. is halfway between Wellesley and Bloor. That isn't really "a little" if you're walking.

            2. a few (2ish) blocks up Yonge on the west side is Hornero's -- I recommend the firebaked pizzas which are generally under $15 (not so much anything else)

              Pi-Tom's - One light north of College, east of Yonge on Alexader
              One of my preferred thai places in the city. The pumpkin soup is terrific. Entrees around $10

              One block east on College to Church is DayBreak Cafe -- if you're in the mood for an omlette. For Carnivores, I recommend the MeatEater's Omlette which comes with loads of good sausage and lots of bacon. Most days you can get mashed potatoes (or fries or homefries). And it all comes with pancakes and toast also -- for under $10.

              1. I second Hair of the Dog...casual, good food, but a bit dark and grungy inside...depends on the ambiance you're looking for. Or wander up to the Church and Wellesley area...10 minutes away...and there are many more options.

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                  I didn't find HOD grungy but my other dining companions were put off by the sound system which drowned us all out.