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Feb 2, 2008 04:18 AM

I want to send a food related thank you gift via mail-order. Ideas??


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    1. Wolferman's for english muffins is reliable and well received.

      My neighbor just received a pasta gift basket from and loved it.

      Zingerman's puts together great stuff too!

      1. Oh my gosh, right now, you can get a cake called Panbriacone (drunken bread) that I am completely addicted to--a brioche soaked with Vin Santo and studded with raisins--they make their own yeast and their own Vin Santo (a Tuscan sweet sherry), they buy the most beautiful flour to make the cake with, and each one is made at the pasticerria of Bonci in Montevarchi, just outside Florence. Anyways, they are on sale at the moment for a ridiculous price of $9.00 on In Italy, I pay 16 euro (the exchange I think is about 1 euro to $1.50 at the moment.) They even come in a nice box with the logo of Montevarchi on the top.

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          Oh goody, another Panbriacone lover!
          Here's a link to my enthusiastic description/promotion of it last fall:

          I have never seen them on sale before. Last year they were sold out by New Year's.

          1. re: vvvindaloo

            Thanks for the link; there aren't too many that know about the Panbriacone, but I think it is a try it and you are convert. It is so moist unlike what can be dry as a dusty road, panetone or colombo (sp?--the same type of brioche but for Easter).

          1. If they are cheese fans, Grafton Village Cheddars has a sampler pack of all their aged cheddars which is my go-to. People always rave.

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              Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. My friend is Italian American so I think I will go with the cake! I'll keep the other ideas for another time.