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Feb 2, 2008 03:33 AM

Theater District on Saturday Night

Taking my 17 year old daughter to Broadway play on Saturday night. Any suggestions for a fun or interesting eating experience AND good food?

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  1. The theater district is tough as there aren't a lot of good restaurants. If you like seafood or sushi, I'd suggest Blue Fin in the W hotel on 47th and Broadway. Or if you are in the mood for Asian Ruby Foo's is a good choice on 49th and Broadway or Haru on West 43rd. Tony Di Napolis on West 43 between 6th and 7th is good family style Italian food. Definitely crowded though and very noisy but the food is good. Enjoy the show!

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    1. re: skepner169

      I disagree with your statement that there aren't a lot of good restaurants in the Theater District. Sure, there are stinkers. However, there are plenty of very good to excellent, and even a few superb, restaurants in that area. You just have to know which ones they are.

      1. re: RGR

        Please tell .. which are the good ones?

        1. re: SLO

          For a start:

          dbBistro Moderne
          Gordon Ramsay @ The London/Maze
          West Bank Cafe
          Le Madeleine
          La Bonne Soupe
          Trattoria Trecolori
          Roberto Passon
          Uncle Nick's
          Daisy May's BBQ
          Wu Liang Ye

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            Thanks RGR ... We ended up at Dervish last night .. it was ok, nothing special.

            1. re: SLO

              Hey, SLO,

              Sorry to hear that about your experience at Dervish though, frankly, it doesn't surprise me. I purposely did not include it on the list I posted because when we tried it quite a few years ago, it was, as you've now found out, nothing special; therefore, I never recommend it.

    2. Marseille on 44th has a very authentic French bistro feel. Good food and good atmosphere.

      1. I heartily second Marseille.

        1. Make that three recommendations for Marseille. I agree that the French/Mediterranean cuisine they serve is excellent. But just to be more accurate, it's a brasserie -- a very attractive and bustling one -- not a quaint bistro.

          1. Shaan of India, on w. 48th St. They even have someone playing the Sitar. The food is good and the atmosphere would add the element of interesting you are looking for.

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              1. re: idia

                Does Marseille only serve their brunch menu on Saturday afternoons? Or do they also serve their lunch menu? My wife and I are seeing a show on Feb 16 and are looking for a lunch spot. Frankly, their lunch menu looks more interesting to me than the brunch menu.

                1. re: Philly Ray

                  I'm afraid it's the brunch menu on weekends, and I feel the same way.

                  1. re: rrems

                    We're seeing Young Frankenstein at the Hilton Theatre on 43rd. Any "unique" lunch spots near there? We're coming up from Philly on the train and we're open to all just about any ethnicity except Italian, which we can get plenty of down here. Any recs for good spots like that between Penn Station and the theater (or not too far from there)?

                    Thanks for any help.

                    1. re: Philly Ray

                      My best suggestion is Orso, which is Italian but is so good that I don't think you will mind. They serve the regular menu at Saturday lunch. The pizzas are great (and big enought to share) and the appetizers are mostly huge and could serve as main courses.