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Feb 1, 2008 10:02 PM

Bella Napoli (Santa Cruz) is Back - New Name

Until five or six years ago, Bella Napoli on Water Street was my favorite Italian restaurant in Santa Cruz. Then the chef left, things went downhill, and the place closed about a year later. Another Italian place replaced it, but it never caught on and closed a few months ago.

Now Bella Napoli is back with a new name: Limoncello. It is in the same location (on Water near Ocean), has the same chef, and even the same waiters.

Limoncello serves very good, mostly southern Italian dishes. It has the feel of a neighborhood place. Entrees range from the mid-teens to the low $20 range. It has only been open three weeks or so, so it's not crowded yet. But it will be soon.

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  1. What have you tried since the new incarnation?

    I've linked their website below but have some questions. Does their menu focus mainly on pastas or do they have other specials not listed on their website? Are they currently offering wine? I didn't see any info on the website, but I'm assuming they have a wine list based on the photos and the fact that the prior place already had a license.

    We moved to SC after Bella Napoli had closed so I've only heard about its prior glory under the hands of Giovanni. I look forward to trying Limoncello...

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      I think the menu did have mostly pastas, but I'm not sure. My wife had veal marsala, but veal dishes were among the specials for that day. We also shared an antipasto, which featured prosciutto, cheese, olives, etc. and was very good.

      Keep in mind that we're talking southern Italian, so don't expect light, Calif. style cooking here.

      They do have a wine list, but since I brought my own ($15 corkage), I didn't pay much attention to it. However, my wife did, and said they had a good variety, much of it not too expensive.

      1. re: harryd

        Thanks for your elaboration. I look forward to going soon and will report back.