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Feb 1, 2008 07:51 PM

Special Occasion Asian Fusion

I'm having a reception for about 20 adults and 4 kids and want to go someplace where food is great with a great atmosphere. I'm looking anywhere from Santa Monica to Pasadena for location. And my budget is about $100/pp. I was recommended Kumo, which looks great and food is supposed to be good too. But people have complained about small portions. There are some BIG eaters in my family, and I don't want them to feel like they didn't get enough. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Chinois on Main in Santa Monica is the original Wolfgang Puck asian-fusion restaurant, and still perhaps the best. Might be difficult to accommodate a group that large, but you could have a banquet at that price point. Everything is served to share, they have a wide selection of small plates, and among the large plates definitely order the whole fried catfish with ponzu and the sliced beef filet with szechwan sauce. Flavors are bold, service is excellent, and I'm sure they could set up something fantastic with enough lead time.

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      Actually, Chinois has a dedicated space for groups just next door. At a bit lower price point, you might also try Celadon on 3rd near Fairfax or Yamato in Westwood Village (where Eurochow used to be).

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        Why not try Mako on South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, owned by the former chef at Chinois, who does fantastic things with all kinds of foods?
        Mention any allergies ahead of time when making reservations whereever you choose, and you will enjoy the event more.

      2. Haven't been there in a few years (lived in San Gabriel Valley 10 years ago), but a possibility for special occasion Asian in Pasadena woudl be Yujean Kangs.

        1. Daisy Mint does Asian fusion in Pasadena well. You'd probably spend about $20/person. It's a cute and intimate dining room and there is no corkage fee.

          1. How about Crustacean in Beverly Hills? The kids would appreciate the subterranean aquarium. Dinner will run you about $80-100 per person + wine. I also love Shiro in South Pasadena, though it's better suited for adult diners.


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              Dining at Crustacean might be the epitome of "throwing good money after terrible food".

            2. There;'s Typhoon in the Santa Monica airport which has a very eclectic Asian and Asian/fusion menu. I always liked their whole fish in black bean sauce. Plus the small airport location makes it entertaining for the kids.