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Feb 1, 2008 07:31 PM

LA Hound coming to Dallas

Greetings fellow Hounds!

I'm an LA based Hound who is coming to Dallas. Having never been to your fair city, I can use as many suggestions as you can give me. Here are some things to consider -

I'm looking for great food and great service. Cost is not a consideration. Steakhouses won't excite me. I want to be "wowed".

Fire away, and thanks.

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  1. These are some of our favorites:

    York Street
    Stephen Pyles
    The French Room
    Abacus (go on a weeknight when they have the tasting menu)

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    1. re: foodie06

      The above list is perfect--but id ad Bijoux.

    2. I also like 2900

      And if you like the Craft in LA you should try the one in Dallas. The menu selections are different in different cities.

      What kind of food do you enjoy? I'd hate to send you somewhere that would disappoint.

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      1. re: yumyum palace

        Thanks, yumyum palace, foodie06 and ssh.

        I really like all types of food, so I can't say there isn't anything to eliminate. I'm only saying no to steakhouses because steakhouse chefs can't show off that much. It's more about the quality of the beef.

        I've been to the Crafts in NY, LA and Vegas, so I probably will skip the Dallas location this trip. However, I'll keep it in mind for a future visit.

        How is your Nobu?

        Oh, one other request... A good place to go for dessert.

        Again, thanks very much!

        1. re: pinpei

          I love Nobu but im not a sushi fan--I go for the meat, chicken, and desserts. It has the best selction and tastiest dessserts of any asian place Ive ever been. So if youve never been to Nobu, and like asian and desserts, its great.

          Of the above, Pyles and Abacus have the best and most varied desserts. Abacus has sushi too so its a great choice to satisfy sushi and dessert cravings. If you want to go elsewhere for desserts N9ne, although a steak place, is a trendy/hip/loud spot that has amazing desserts.

          All these places have been reviewed here and will be happy to email you their current menu.

          1. re: ssh

            This is great. Thank you. I think I will try N9ne for dessert. As for Nobu, his original restaurant in the States, Matsuhisa, is one of my favorites in LA, but I go for the sushi, so I think I'll heed yumyum palace's advice.

          2. re: pinpei

            I have been to Nobu in NYC and Dallas, and there answer to your question is, don't go. I found the food lacking in comparison to the one in NYC. Perhaps it's the chef, or the quality of fish, but I think it isn't worth it.

            2900 has delicious desserts. A friend of mine is a pastry chef for the bakery that supplies them with their desserts. You may also want to consider La Duni for desserts. Just check it out for yourself.

        2. If price is not a factor, try Aurora. They serve wow. Fearing's at the Ritz if you want to hit "the" spot. Pyles for sure, especially to see that Dallas isn't all Steak. I'd also agree that La Duni for desert is hard to beat. Our Nobu is mildly overrated, for sushi/asian there is Kenichi in Victory Park if you're going to be staying down that way.

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          1. re: sike101

            I'd have to agree with sike101 . . . if price is not a consideration go to Aurora (and be prepared to drop hundreds and hundreds of dollars). Otherwise, go to York Street or Lola.

            1. re: skedhead2000

              Darn it - I forgot to add that Bijouz is also absolutely incredible.

              1. re: skedhead2000

                Thanks sike101 and skedhead2000. Aurora it must be!

          2. If you are craving sushi while you are here go to either Tei Tei on Henderson or Teppo on Greenville. All other sushi places are not really worth going to since many here like to just serve ginormous rolls. Tei Tei and Teppo have a good selection of interesting things as well as robata. As for the other places here that others listed to be wowed, i would second going to York Street, Bijoux, or Lola (they also have a tasting room that is incredible).

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              1. re: pizzaQTpie

                I agree 100% with your Tei-Tei recommendation. Fabulous sushi. I bet it's good enough to surprise a discriminating West Coaster.

                I would also recommend Yutaka - the quality of the fish is a notch higher than Tei-Tei, but the scene isn't nearly as fun.

                I don't know how long you'll be staying or where you'll be staying, but I'd also recommend El Ranchito on Jefferson for a kick-arse good time. Great Mexican (not Tex-Mex) and a fantastically fun atmosphere.

                If you don't mind a bit of a drive, then you should go to the biggest "Wow" spot in DFW - Lanny's Alta Cocina. Aromas, flavors and textures that are singularly unique. For instance, I had a Brown Butter Chipotle Gnocchi that was out of this world.

                My .02.

                1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                  Thank you. They all sound great. I'm staying at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. How far is the drive to Lanny's Alta Cocina? I'm from LA so driving doesn't scare me.

                  1. re: pinpei

                    Lanny's is over in Fort Worth and Mansion is in Dallas, so you are looking at about a 35 mile drive. Lanny's is close to the Camp Bowie Road and University Drive intersection, so you can take IH-30 west to University Drive and go north.

                    1. re: pinpei

                      If you're staying at the Mansion, then I would say a meal at the newly renovated Mansion is a must.

                2. I will second the La Duni dessert recommendation and I hope it is not too late to send you to two of my Dallas favorites. I highly recommend local. Please visit their website localdallas. I also really like Amuse. It is out of the way but there are some interesting bars nearby-Gilley's and Poor David's Pub. If you do not make it to laduni you could try going to it's sister restaurant ALO. Dallas has great food and none of these will break the bank, just impress your palate. And if you are interested in BBQ try Sammy's near the federal reserve, don't skip the potato casserole!