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Oct 10, 2001 10:27 AM

Interesting place needed between Valley and Westside

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We are meeting some friends for dinner in a few weeks and would like to come up with something relaxing/casual yet interesting, tasty, special yet eclectic between our two locations (Sherman Oaks/West LA). Price between $20-$30 per person.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi Muhlyssa, two places come to mind in the Glen Center at the top of Beverly Glen, (probably closer to your friend in S.O.)

    Mulholland Grill, not to expensive home style Italian cooking. 310-470-6223

    Rocco, kinda Italian kinda Mediterranean but you would need to check on price. They do have a pretty good jazz band and are a hot scene for the canyon dwellers.

    Bel-Air Bar and Grill on Sepulveda. Again, cost may not meet your needs. Food not great but good. 662 N. Sepulveda 310-440-5544

    But my number one suggestion is that you meet up at the Getty and get a great view with your food.

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    1. re: Mike Kilgore
      john gonzales

      Zax in Brentwood is a great relatively new place, free way close. the view @ the getty is indeed great.

      1. re: Mike Kilgore

        The Getty intrigues me. How is the food there? Which restaurant is the nicer one?

        1. re: Muhlyssa

          I've only taken my own lunch up there a few times to sit and relax. A really cheap and wonderful lunch. Anyone?

          1. re: Muhlyssa

            There are two choices for dinner at the Getty, "The Cafe" --cafeteria style, it's kind of upscale(ish) cafeteria food --visitors seem impressed by the selection (at lunch, anyway). I work at the Getty Center, but haven't eaten dinner there, although I do know they offer some nice options at dinner, but limited. I think the average entree is $14(?), and you can sit outside, or inside (also with a view).

            The second choice is "The Restaurant". You need reservations --310-440-7300. The average starter is about $12, and entree about $28, lots of wine by the glass options. White table clothes, good food, kind of "look what interesting ingredients we can combine". (here's a sample of what I mean --Atlantic Black Bass, Artichoke & Fingerling Potato Ragout, Melting Carrots & Preserved Lemon Broth). Same view as The Cafe, only one floor up. Might be a bit more expensive that what you were looking for, but the view (on a clear night) is fantastic, and depending on your timing, you can take in an exhibit or two as well.

            I've attached a link to the "Where to eat" at the Getty for the hours, I think they only do dinner on Friday's and Saturdays.


            1. re: debra

              Thanks Debra, I've booked the reservation already. I'm hoping to hear from folks who've eaten there. That price point is fine for me. Thanks again for the info.

              1. re: Muhlyssa
                Carolyn Tillie

                If they haven't changed their hours, "The Restaurant" used to serve dinner on weeknights. It is one of those places I dine solo since I have my weekenights to myself and it is a bit expensive.

                My last meal included a lovely bread selection for starters. I then had a very tender veal tenderloin with wild mushrooms and fresh fava beans. I am a big fan of Opera Cake but I found their's to be too chocolatey and heavy. All this, a glass of wine and coffee set me back +$60.00.

                1. re: Carolyn Tillie

                  Thanks Caroyln, we can always count on you for just the right answer. Good to have you back.

                  1. re: Muhlyssa

                    You have been so amazingly prolific recently that I am sure I don't even have to request this, but PLEASE (please!) post your notes about your dinner after you go! Until 1 hour ago, I'd never even heard of this place, and now I'm thinking of it as a potential birthday dinner location.

                    (p.s. Keep up all the great posts! "We're" out there reading even if "we" aren't responding...)

                  2. re: Carolyn Tillie

                    If those are the prices, then here's is my suggestion. Meet on the early side for cocktails and a snack at the restaurant at the getty. You can enjoy the setting, walk the garden, and the restaurant is pretty (the drinks are great). I wasn't crazy about the food.
                    Then go for dinner at the Cafe Four Oaks which is about the same price, if the $12/apptzer - $28 main course price is correct and it's ok with you. The setting is lovely and then some go back to Sherman Oaks over Beverly Glen and the other go back to West LA via Sunset and Barrington.

          2. Just checking, does $20-30.00 per person mean entire meal or just entree? Getty restaurant is about $60.00 per person whole meal, but $20-30 per entree. What is the conventional terminology?

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            1. re: Just Larry

              I mean $20-$30 per person total, not per entree. I know Carolyn mentioned that the Getty would be about $60 per person, but I am willing to change my price point.