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Feb 1, 2008 05:24 PM

Newbee here in A-town

I'm very excited to be on this here board discussing my favorite hobby..eating and drinking. I've lived here for five years and moved up from H-town #1 overweight city in America for many years running and born and raised in New York City so i think I know a little about how food is posed to taste.

Sofa King hungry

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  1. Where can I get a good bowl of New England Clam Chowda in this one horse town?
    Let the games begin.

    Sofa King Matha

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    1. re: Sofa King

      Sofa King, I like your style. Certainly, you'll get your posts flagged by the grim eaters.....

      I haven't had a good restaurant bowl of NE clam in this town. I have to take Cambell's Select (no low sodium) and add lobster base, clam juice, and paprika. That's the best I can do. However, I had an extremely excellent Manhattan clam chowder at Hyde Park Bar and Grill about two months ago. My wife and I lapped it up, fighting over the last morsel. I need to go back to see if it was a one time thing, or if it is consistently that good.

      1. re: Sofa King

        The chowder is pretty good, but nothing compared to what I have had in Boston. But I recommend San Francisco Bakery if only because you can get it in a freshly made sourdough bread bowl. And their bread is very very good.

        San Francisco bakery is in the shopping center near the Alamo Village just behind the Walgreens/CVS on West Anderson.

        1. re: Homero

 it soup of the day style or a permanent part of the menu?

          1. re: hooliganyouth

            I believe it is a permanent part of the menu.

        2. re: Sofa King

          No chowders, no bisques, no booyahbaseball, man there's no decent places in town. Last time I had excellent soup like that I was in Seattle.

          My gripe is that I can't get decent fish'n'chips. I'm always hankering for the fry I would get as a kid on Saturdays - left over grab bag fish chunks not just cod or haddock.

          1. re: hooliganyouth

            Have not tried it, but did notice Bess Bistro has it as their Friday special.

            1. re: gulch

              I've got no information on Bess Bistro, but you might want to check out TAF's chronicle of one chowhound's quest to find the best fish and chips in town:


        3. The original comment has been removed